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Lovely Fanart from Very Lovely People!


The first piece of fanart received for WA, Clanjack Farlo of Comatose made the cast look very badass! Especially Felix there oh my god. He looks so menacing and manly!


The second piece from VulturesUnderTheMoon of A Dragons Soul, who made the cast super cute!:

Jeff just looked so cute and innocent, and Benjamin as well!

...And another super adorable piece: The cast as kitties! Oh my gooood! So cute!

Next piece from Stever of Sam the DragonCork and Blotto, and Batty, who made Anne super adorable! Based off the comic where we learn she wanted to be a princess as a kid. How cute oh my god. That castle in the background is especially a nice touch, and the lettering!:


And from ProfessorDethorn of Sci-Cops, who made Benjamin just look amazing! He looks so rugged and just...badass. I think the eyes are my favorite part. Just...Wow. Sooo cool!


An amazing piece from Skweeee of Piper's Song, who took one of my favorite Felix moments and made it so much more badass than  I could of imagined! The color the pose the HNGGG. Amazing!!

Another piece, from Binyamin of Dynamite & Silverware! He drew Benjamin in the 100 Pallette Challenge over on the forums! I just love it. The pose, the look on his face, the eyes...Awesome! Especially the eyes!:)

It looks like people imagine him with green eyes and that's awesome hahah.


A sweet piece from Dollipop of Capsalot! She managed to make Benjamin look so cool, badass, and adorable all in one image! The coloring is just...Hnng. *_*

And the look on his face. It's just...So Benjamin! The use of blur is so amazing as well!


From the palette challenge on the forums, Rufiangel of Serpamia Flare drew up Felix! Oh my goodness. The use of color, the mysterious badass look! Has a bit of a tuxedo mask, phantom of the opera feel to it! It's just amazing, damn!

Vincethestick of Threshold did the boys! Wow- This style is so amazing and works so perfectly for them! The boys were captured so perfect and spot on, it's amazing. I can't decide which one I like more! The way Felix looks in general, Benny boys expression, or just how dang happy Jeff looks!



Ohh! It's so rare for someone to draw up one of the girls. And DeadFish drew her beautifully! It's so cool seeing my characters in such vastly different styles such as this! Every little thing about this is just beautiful! It captures the spirit of Anne perfectly! Gorgeous!


Yet another fanart of one of the girls, this time Eva! Now everyone is accounted for! This piece was drawn up by randomNPC! I love it. The look on her face is just so Eva. Those eyes- I always pictured her with such an eye color, if not for my style having black pupils! Everything from those beautifuly done wrinkles on the clothing to the background...Beautiful, does Eva a lot of justice!


Even the asshole Shaun gets some fanart lovin'! A lovely sprite piece by an Anonymous person! (You know who you are!;D)

I just love this! That look is just so Shaun. I love sprite art. I wish I could do sprite art. This is awesome! And They managed to make SHAUN of all people look cute! I didn't think it possible!


Yet another Shaun piece, this time from [---] of  [---] ! I love this. It really captures Shaun and his back stabby assholeness perfectly! And he looks so cool in this style! I love that hair, that expression...That hand also looks damn cool! He's so awesome looking here!


Not one, but two more by RandomNPC! First, Little Benny boy with his mom. It's SO freaking cute I swear! Benny boys mom looks so very lovely, and little Benjamin is just...So precious. So adorable. They look so happy! It probably did not last long, after this...


And then, the entire damn cast! I think this is the first time the whole cast has been drawn (Except Shaun, but who cares about him ;D). She even did the mystery girl! I don't know what I like here more. They all look so adorable yet badass at the same time, how does that happen? It defies all logic! And that amazing coloring! Everytime I decide which character is my favorite here, I see another awesome/cute detail in another character that makes me think twice. And so I have yet to pick one.:D




And yet aother awesome piece from Rufiangel, in honor of the one year anniversary! Sigh. It captures Benny boy just...So perfectly. There's just this...Confident feel about him, and his pose...! I really love the way she drew the hair! Every time I look at it I notice even more awesome little detials, like the awesome shadows and lighting, and wrinkles. And that expression, those eyes! It's just so Benny boy!



Another piece from XibalbanSleeper! This time it's Anne lookin' just damn gorgeous! It'd be really nice for Anne if only this could come true! Alas, it'll have to remain the dream. She's so very beautiful here and fits in so beautifully with the background! I love the little objects she's holding, and of course there's a book...That's just so very Anne! Sigh, and that happy look on her face...:D


Another piece from Undeadloaf! Based off the last panel of this page, UndeadLoaf decided to adapt it into a very hilarious fanart. Oh my god did I laugh at this. It's absolutely perfect in everyway. That awesome chimera design on the cat, Jess looking cute as hell, and Jeff....Jeff being such a kid, literally! That propeller cap, that backpack! Adorable and hilarious!


The lovely Adina of Adina's sketches draw up this lovely fanart of Jeff! She got his happy look just perfectly, while managing to make him look so very handsome at the same time! I didn't think it possible for Jeff to be this handsome, damn. And that colored lineart...Agh!! It's just too fitting somehow!  I also really love those eyes. They're so beautiful. It's ALL beautiful! Jeff should look this happy all the time, for sure!  ...Those dimples!


Yet another Jeff piece, this time Cannon drew Jeff FINALLY getting ahold of a kitty! And a super adorable kitty at that! This is so perfectly spot on with how Jeff would probably react , hearts and all. This is too adorable! That grin, the hearts in his eyes...It's so him! And that kitten is too precious. Those little paws...Yes, Jeff definitely needs a kitty in his life if he's gonna look like this! I swear, everyone manages to make Jeff way more adorable than I could ever manage, hahah. I also really adore how one of the heart pupils is grey, just like his regular eyes!


I feel like Benny boy might be the least loved character. Probably the fate of the main protagonist! Alas. But then the lovely Shark of Comicfury drew up Benny boy looking amazing! The pose, the expression of his face...Yup, this is Benjamin alright! Scrolling through the fanart thread, the look on his face and hair were the first thing to grab my attention! This is just perfect. It's spot on Benny boy, and looks so awesome in this style! Especially that hair oh man. And the colors! I love the coloring so much!


Clanjack Farlo, who sent the first WA piece, drew up yet another! This time a truly hilarious piece with Eva and Benny boy.'s...Wow. I laughed so very hard. That's most definitely what Eva would do! That spider successfully creeped out a friend of mine, and it's most certainly the kind of spider one would see in the wastelands. That shadow is damn cool, and they both look so great in this style! I can't decide what I love most about this. Benny boy being totally unsuspecting, Evas look...Ahh, too much!



And then a super adorable Felix by Inky! She definitely succeeded in making him way more cute than I ever have been or ever will. He's so little here! And adorable! That hat, I adore that hat the most. Even that little scythe is super cute. And his half a mask! Still one of my personal favorite moments so far, it's great seeing it drawn not once but twice! I also love how she did his hair and eye, and the color and the sketchy lines on the hat mask and eye on and ahhhh

Really, simply too adorable!


Amalockh1 drew up Benny boy looking insanely badass! Something about his expression, just...Wow. He looks straight up handsome and manly! Way more handsome or manly than I've ever managed to do with him, that is for sure! It's so very cool seeing hm in such different styles as this, and the coloring...Man! I just adore this coloring style! The eyes and the hair have to be my favorite. Those eyes...So intense!


Yet another amazing piece by RandomNPC! This time she drew *the mystery fellow* Incredibly manly, badass and just...Man. The action here is perfect. He looks straight up badass and intimidating! I know I use the word badass a lot, but I can't think of any other word to describe this amazing case of manly action. I also adore the way she did the outfit; looks pretty rugged and fitting for our wandering plague doctor! I should have done his outfit all ripped like this, woulda been way cooler, further proof my fans do a better job than I do!;D          Full unsized version here <3


A lovely Jeff piece by LTheDetective ! Man, this is a really powerful image of poor Jeff and his locket. It's so very sad, but beautiful! I feel so bad for him here! But it's still so very lovely. I especially adore the coloring style. The fact his skin is white here also creates a really cool effect! This is beautiful.:D


Call Me Tom drew up the latest image of Anne! Ohh, the water colors are so beautifully done. She looks so very lovely in this style and with that shading; the text there couldn't be more of a lie! The only truth is "Tom drew this"! Oh man all those little details. The tentacles and all! Beautiful!


I1like1pie drew up Eva! Ahhh...She looks so beautiful. And so confident! I really adore the soft feeling lineart and colors. And that face...I don't know why, but I really love those black eyes. They really feel...Eva. Her hair also, oh man. I feel like I could reach in and touch it. That's creepy, woops. Love the way her clothing looks, too. Them wrinkles! And that stripe...I adore it for some reason. It's a small thing but I can't look away from that dang stripe!


Aryglefox  surprised me with Felix looking max swag and badas! Oh man, just everything about this! The claws, the outfit, his face...Ahhhh. Really, he's so overall badass in this style for sure! I just adore that look on his face. It's so battle Felix. And the purple on his clothes...It really works! The black background too, so simple but effective, works perfectly here! And the way he holds the mask...Argh!! Excellent! Love this.

Epiale put together this hilarious piece of Benny boy and Felix! OH my god. Yes this is absolutely perfect and hysterical. Especially if you know the source (it comes from some picture of two I guess siblings that bickered and got put in this shirt as punishment!). I laughed way too hard. They look great in this style, and the looks on their faces...They're just so perfect, especially Benny boys annoyance! I feel so bad for them, but this is just way too funny! 

Another piece by  VeenceTheStick! It's Jeff looking super amaazing and cute and I got to watch him draw it! Eee! I squeee'd a bit too much about it. My characters just look soo awesome in this style, I swear. Oh gosh. That happy look on his face...It's just so Jeff, endlessly cheery. That grin! The sketchyness! Perfect!

Yet another piece by RandomNPC! (Really, you're spoiling me!! I don't deserve all this love!) Gosh, where do I start. She definitely did a far better job gender bendering the cast than I did! I just love all the little details; Jeffs heterochroma (so cute!), the bandaid on ...her face! Female Felix looking maximum badass but also cute and sexy as all heck, ...THE CLOTHES! Oh my gosh! Jeff's dress! Felix's uniform! Female Benny, too, is just too damn sweet! Really, RandomNPC always includes such fun little additions or changes to the clothing and it's just so cute here! Especially Jeff!

Veence drew up yet another piece, this time Felix for my birthday! Oh gosh. This seems to be the scene for Felix that people like drawing the most when they draw Felix, haha! It's one of my favorite scenes, as well, despite its age. And oh gosh it's rendered so awesomely here! Seriously this picture just radiates badassery and anger, mmm that red background. Vince definitely has one of the coolest styles, I love how thin everything is! The perspective/angle on that mask is really something! Ahh man and the hair, that face, that hat...Brilliance!

Rufiangel drew up another piece, also for my birthday! Eeeee this is just all sorts of adorable!! First of all, Jeff is hella sweet and cute in this style. That happy look on his face is just too precious! And that kitty on his shoulder...Awwww man, Jeff having such a cute little mutant kitty so close by is a great thing to see. And those little hats, oh my goodness. And that birthday Muffin! Because I am a (sea)muffin! :D    There's so many little details I keep noticing, too; like the adorable twinkles in the kitties eyes! Aw man. Just...Perfeclty cute. Perfect.

Yet another from Argyle! I'd posted a chatlog of Nama and Dom trying to get me to fill the page with "hard half naked guys". I refused and they opted to try and take over! Apparently my refusal was seen as a challenge, and Argyle jumped to the task of turning Benjamin and Felix into beefcakes. Oh my god. Yeah, I cackled pretty hard when I saw this! The grunts...The grunts especially just do me in completely. Oh my god. I like how their rock solid bodies are shiny, too, hahahah.

And then there's some sprite art from Mothtrap! This is...Wow. I love sprite art so very much, and this is so well done! It's so cool having Wastelanders sprite art!  Seriously it looks like it's straight out of a video game! All that lighting and shading! Oh gosh. Everyone is so adorable. And this animation! Everyone and their little animations are just...Wow. Jeff and the kitty! Benny boys yawn! Felix and his mask...Oh gosh and Anne and and oh my god. This is the perfect group shot! I keep noticing new little details everytime I look at it. Eeee, that tiny little tophat!  I love the faces. Oh gosh. So cute! It's amazing, all the little details Mothtrap managed to capture in such a little space! And that curtain and static on TV....EEEEE!

XibalbanSleeper saw Argyle's beefcake versions of Benjamin and Felix, and decided this was the next logical step; a pin up of Anne! Gosh, the pose is super pro especially; I'm jelly! And the shading and the hair and ahhh. Oh man. Those tentacles. The idea of Anne, sweet, innocent Anne, being so seductive is hilarious! But what really gets me is the books. Oh my god. Those book titles. I had fun thinking how Benjamin would react to this. Eva would probably laugh her ass off.


Another Felix fanart, this time by the Mustard Man himself, Domship! Oh gosh. He looks so badass in this style. It's so rare to see him with his mask on these days (and not broken). That title is so...SO awesome, too. Those action lines! The hat, the clothes, everything! OH man, that hair. That hair is great. It's so...Flowy. I wanna like, touch it (that's not creepy 'cause it's my character! pff!) Beautiful!


My good friend Zola drew up Eva as a belated birthday gift! What's really cool is I got to watch him work on it a few times; he used a mouse, and paint tool sai, just like me. *sniffles* I was so proud of him. Watching his process was pretty fun. And the final result is just...Ahhh! I adore that lighting and coloring, holy hell! That night sky! That hair! Oh man, I'm so jelly of the way he does hair. It looks so awesome like this! Especially the pigtails, oh man! And that sneaky look on her face...That text...Augh, it's so Eva!

Whether this counts as fanart is...questionable, but when he said it wasn't fanart, I was like "I'M PUTTING IT ON THE FANART PAGE" and so I did. Vince took a panel from page 215 that I had sent before I colored it, and...did this to it. The "original characters do not steal" part is just...Hahahahah!

Keltyzoid decided to stream a bit of arting! I went in expecting comic related arts. Instead there was complete and utter insanity, ending...With this. Hahaha oh shit son. This is hilarious to me on so, so many levels. The guy Felix is with here is Uni from Catihorn, for one thing.  The animeness...Oh gosh. Those sparkles, specifically! And the bits of pink! I laughed way harder than I should have. But at the same time, Felix! He's so cute and adorable in this style! Love it!

 (Also, sorry folks, Felix is straight ; ) )

ProfEtheric is at  it again! This time, I signed WA up to be pranked by Nesariel! How it worked, you sign up your character and give Prof a prank. That prank would be played on someone else that signed up, and you'd get pranked by one of theirs and so on. And thus, Benny boy ends up...Colorful! Oh my gosh. Nesariels little line there, Benny boys reaction...Perfect! Benny  boy looks absolutely adorable in this style, and that expression on his face is just so perfect! And oh my god. The COLORS hahahha!

We were talking about how WA is more like a cuddly Mad Max (HAH) than it is like Book of Eli (which a friend with questionable taste insisted), and then in the end, Argyle ended up drawing this masterpiece. This...Oh my god. I was amazed. Still am. Everything about this is is pure awesome- "Mad Felix", "Slightly miffed road"...The car. The motorcycle. Everything about Felix on that motorcycle. Jeff being Jeff. Oh my gosh! I both laughed hard and was in awe of the badassery! This is amazing!

A couple joke pieces by a person that would like to remain anonymous! I was referring to someone having drawn "dat felix", and another someone thought I said "fat Felix". This led to a drawing of Felix being fat from, presumably, too many cookies. And then somehow we were talking about bizarre fetishes, which led to the Anne vore. Oh good lord.:D

Hykez87 drew up this hilarious and adorable piece- Jeff hanging out with SCP-049! This is amazing, even more so if you know what SCP is! 049 is my favorite (can you guess why?), and this...Yeah. Jeff would most definitely try to make friends with an SCP, no doubt in my mind at all! Jeff looks so adorable, and so confused as to why they don't wanna hang with him and the SCP, hehehe. And of course 049 looks awesome- creepy and badass! Way cooler than my plague doctors for sure!

Xianyu118 drew up this amazing Felix! He had asked me what the Plague Doctors masks were made of, so I knew he was up to something. And it was fanart - Felix looking insanely badass! Ohh, this is so lovely. I loooove the traditional shading, makes me so nostalgic!  And that weapon- Oh yes! Beautiful. I think my favorite part is either the hat or the mask- The hat is so...I'm not sure how to describe it. Raggy? Perfect for his old hat! And of course it's impossible to not make Felix's mask look awesome and creepy/badass (except when I do it, hah)...Augh! So gr8.

Two new pieces from Keltyzoid; Felix and Jeff! Oh gosh. Felix. He looks SO....Handsome. HANDSOME AND SWAGGIN'. Seriously just look at him, oh my god. Those eyes. That hair is...That hair is the most perfect thing I swear! And Jeff. Holy shit. Jeff. HE'S NEVER BEEN MORE SNUGGLEABLE.  That blushing, that...That eye. Oh man. I love seeing how other people deal with this grey eye! He's so friggin' adorable, what the heck? Yes, this style does them both way more justice than I could ever hand out for sure!

Casscade drew up Benny boy looking just...well...look at him. HE IS SO BENNY BOY! She captured the attitude Benny boy has so perfectly! I especially love that little "ugh". His expression of course is what really sells it. Amazing. And the hair- oh my gosh, the hair! Something about that hair! Oh gosh, he looks so utterly awesome and perfect in this style, I swear! At the same time, despite the horrible but typical Benny boy attitude, you just wanna hug the guy! I mean look at him. HE'S ADORABLE.

Keltyzoid did another thing, based off this exchange! Hahahah...Oh my goodness. Yes, I laughed pretty hard. The whole thing is just so ridiculous and amusing at the same time. I don't know what gets me more- Felix in that last panel or Axton, just...Woah. At the same time though oh my gosh, lil Felix is so cute in this style, and Axton so badass! Poor little Felix is just begging for a damn hug here, holy shit, those tears, the look on his face in that last panel! This poor kid is just so traumatized, hahah.


The amazing Mothtrap did another piece. This time, she drew Felix, along with many other characters from CF comics! Oh my gosh Felix is SO CUTE. I LOVE THIS STYLE. He's so damn adorable in it, oh my goodness. Hell, EVERYONE is maximum levels of adorable. Holy!! Eeeee, that little hat, that cloak his haaaair!

(click the image for the full thing :D)

lirvilas drew up this! Hahaha, oh boy, this amuses! Benny boy looking like an action hero just kills me. And Felix and Jeff! Felix is so phantom of the opera, hah! And that little doctor snake thingy! Jeff...Holy crap! That face and claws! Creepy- I love it! And that title and tagline are hella badass! Just amazing. Imagine if the WA movie adaption turned into this, hehehehhe! (Damn I can't get over that logo, I wish I could make titles awesome like that!)

Argylefox drew up Benny boy! He made a "guess the artist" thread, and submitted this on a different account. But CF was not fooled, heueu! I really love this. The look on his face, the way his hair moves... Awww man the dust and enviorment, perfect! I really really love the patch on his leg. I have a thing for patches and bandages, you see! Eeee. This captures Benny boy so well! I love all the details on the pants, too. I'm rather envious, my pants are always so simple!

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous submitted this, plus a bonus! Gosh, this one just...There is so much! This person managed to get just about EVERY character in this GTA-like poster! Oh my goodness- Even Benny boy's mom! I wish I could do horror like that, hah! Axton...Oh gosh, he looks so badass and handsome! Jess! It's always nice to see Jess being drawn, she's so cute! The red plague doctor silhouette surrounded by minions is pretty much like I imagine for them, heh. Benny boy is just hella badass and adorable. I LOVE that hair especially, and the determination on his face! Eva looks damn cute with a touch of SNEAK! Anne looks too damn sweet with her relaxed tentacle usage, Jeff is just SO cute with that little mutant, and oh man, Felix! He looks so...Peaceful. Yes. I'm amazed, but this person even drew MAX looking too sweet. And the MYSTERY GIRL holy damn!!!

Cannon made up this ADORABLE piece- Words cannot truly express how utterly adorable this is. What's more, every character is soo spot on! Jeff is so damn cute the way he looks at those kittens. That 'eeee', those hearts! Benny boy is perfectly grumpy, and Felix...Oh gosh, that expression just suits him so very well. Everyone here is awesome, but Felix is probably my favorite. He looks so great in this style, they all do! The kittens too are sooooo cute! Jeff needs to be petting these right now!

AAABatteries drew up Benny boy all injured like! Oh gosh, so cute. He looks so sad! I just wanna give him a hug, like, damn! Is it weird that I like seeing my characters all injured or beat up? Yeah nah it's most definitely a weird thing. Ohh boy I love bandages! Benny looks so cute in bandages. And, if you look closely, you can see his black roots are growing in (because his hair is dyed, after all). I love little details like that! His roots might just show later on, too. Maybe. Yes, this poor  Benny boy needs some lovin'!

Another piece from the same Anonymous person behind the great GTA arts, which you can see here! Ohh, I love this. They sent this right before the next page came out, which just happened to have some communication between Felix and Eva, so the timing there was amusing. I gotta say, it's nice to see Felix with such a sly, confident smile, hah! Those teeth! I love it! I love that text; 'This is not Felix'. Heheheh! At the same time, that blushing is so cute. And Eva! She's so adorable all flustered like this! Definitely not everyday you see her like this, that's for sure. And 'Sea Cola'. Hehehehe. I love this style so much, it does these two such justice!

Carbon drew up this SUPER adorable piece! Ohhh gosh. This style really suits Benny boy, too. It's so cute, but still perfectly captures that...Attitude that Benny boy has. I really, really love the face and eyes the most. That color for his eyes, yess! And that hair- Beautiful. I really like his pose, how calm and chill it is. It reminds me how I almost had front pockets like that on his jacket, but forgot. Woops. I kinda regret that still. And then the little things in the background; little scythes, plague doctor masks, and guns. Oh my gosh! That is SO creative and cute! Eeee!

ArgyleFox drew up Benny boy and Anne- Cute! I love this. Argy really needs to draw more pencilwork! I just love these pencily lines. I really adore the look on Benny boys face, hah! And the way he's presenting the object to Anne, and Anne looks so happy...Eee! Too cute! I love the way he does their hair, too. Especially Annes, and Benny boys looks perfectly messy, of course! And the tentacles and and her eyeees!

UPDATE: Apparently I had this all wrong! I totally misunderstood this piece. Argy had no idea either until he went to my fanart page and saw this description; apparently, in this piece, Benny boy is actually giving Anne Felix's blood covered hat- OH GOSH FEELS that I totally didn't see before! I feel so awful and stupid at once! D:

Sephirencomics drew up Eva! Love this- Seeing Eva in Sephiren's super cute art style is awesome! And she really, really captured Eva very well; That smile, that just...confident look! She just looks ready for either action, or for some heavy duty trolling! The name on her shirt is such a cute addition. And that hair...I think the hair is my favorite part. It's perfect!

(click for full size!)

CorruptedNPC drew Benny boy lookin' hella grumpy! Hahahah! I really laughed so hard when I first saw this. Not only is it grand and adorable, but it suits him so perfectly. Like, it captures Benny boy and his occasionally rotten attitude to a T. Especially that bottom lip- That kills me every time. Every single time. Gosh, I love the hair and eyes, too; that hair is so perfectly messy!

And then CorruptedNPC was at it again- This time, she reveals the truth behind the red plague doctor: It was Seabiscuit the whole time! Gasp!! As a concept, this made me laugh very very hard. I love this, oh gosh. Poor Jeff, this really tugs on the ol heartstrings! And then there's Me...Oh gosh. Hahahah I love how I'm drawn, how evil I look! Gosh, evil is a good look for me, huh. The shading and colors are all so beautiful, and that 'sea-business' part really made me laugh as well!:D

Cannon drew up the red plague doctor, as a present for 220 subscriptions! I gotta say, I did not expect a gift. And this is so beautiful! The Red Plague Doctor in all their swaggin' badass glory- and that title! I'm jelly of her title skills, I just slap a regular font on everything! AHhhh amazing!

Mothtrap drew up this adorable ship! Woah! I guess they are both adorable zombies, hahah! And they both look SO adorable here, oh gosh. Jeff, I just love that Jeff. He looks so happy! What a ladies man you are, Jeff!:'D
And the colors and...Oh gosh. Mothtrap has some of the best coloring I've seen by far. I loooove nighttime scenes, and this one is amazing! Those lights! This is ...truly a masterful vision of nightime, I swear. And the characters they ahhhh

Carbon drew Eva, along with a couple other CF characters! This is the cropped version, this is the full version! I love this. Oh gosh. Everyone here is so cute, and in my totally biased way, Eva is of course my favorite. Hee. It's always so wonderful seeing Eva fanart! I love everything oh my gosh the coloring style the eyes the hair the AHHH the eveeeerything!

Blockround drew Felix! Blockround enjoys creating art in MS paint- with a mouse! And he did Felix! Oh boy. I was in a bad state that day, and this made me laugh so hard- I really needed that! That look on Felix's kills me everytime. He looks so psycho!:D

My lovely disciple Cannon drew up this hilarious piece! Ohhhh boy, I laughed SO hard at this! And I REALLY needed that laugh. Oh my gosh. It would be kind of hard to explain the significance of strudel in this image, but that's not necessary.
My gosh, the last two panels kill me everytime; Jeff and Felix look SO friggin' cute, especially Jeff, that gasp..Oh my. And the last panel, of course, Anne just...My goodness. Anne! So many strudels!!! I still laugh!

UndeadLoaf moved in quick to create fanart involving the squid plushie! I should have figured the octopus plushie would be drawn. Regardless, I did not expect anyone to draw it as soon as Loaf did; within the SAME DAY the page was released!! Holy crap, Loaf! And it's adorable! Jeff is SO cute here. "Tub time with Jeff"...Eeeee!! It's too precious! And that bubble hat...That behavior is so Jeff!

Adina ships Eva and Benny boy (which she has dubbed 'Beaver'!) and drew up this bit of adorableness! I actually really adore this ship, and this image portrays how it'd go so perfectly- Eva messing with Benny boy in typical Eva fashion, hah! Ohhh gosh there's not enough words for how friggin' cute this is!! The look on their faces, especially Benny boy with that blushing! Eeeeeee!

Nama drew Anne as... A maid!! I didn't realize it until he drew this up, but Maid Anne is something I very much needed to see before I die. This is great! Anne makes such a cute maid, holy crap! Having tentacles would make her perfect for the job, too. So much multi tasking could be done! EeEeee I looooove the way he does her eyes, especially!:D

Another super surprising one from UndeadLoaf- This time, involving the spiders! Amazing. Of all things, I definitely did not expect a fanart involving the spider that appeared for two panels! Damn, this made me laugh really hard, but also made me feel bad! Such feels! I love the little details, too, like that sardine can car, hah!! So adorable and hilarious!

Kelty is at it again- this time with Eva! Oh gosh; I love Kelty's style so so much, and seeing Eva in it is just...!! I love this so so much. I think my favorite part is the hair. Oh man, that hair. It's so...perfect. HahahahThose eyes, that angry look...Agh! Eva is SO beautiful like this. It reminds me...certain scenes coming up, you could say!

Hykez87 drew another scenario!  Oh gosh. I love this! Benny boy is an absolute badass here, and Jeff looks so damn adorable when he's worried and scared! This style suits them well! That spider...OH MAN. Thank goodness there aren't any that big here, damn! Those teeth, legs...That creepy speech!  I think my favorite part is the look on Jeffs face. Oh, I am so mean to my babies...

MadJak91 drew up this- Oh boy! You see, Madjak REALLY wants Felix to be the villain- So he turned him into a super villain! Holy hell! Aw man, I love Felix and Benny boy in his style so much; it's so cute and fitting! That evil look from Felix- Perfect!
I feel so badly for poor Benny boy in this, such regret! I bet it would crush Jeff, too! Aw!

ArgyleFox made an animation! Woah! This is AMAZING! Not only is this pose INSANELY badass (that tilted head with the hat and of my favorite all time poses!) but...
The's just so smooth! I looove that gust of wind! And that dripping blood...beautiful! And the hair!! My favorite is definitely the cloak; I bet that took the longest! It's so beautifully done and everything flows so well ahhhhhh wonderful ;-;

Finally, Jeff has kitties, thanks to HykezHahahah, I should have known someone would draw Jeff with kitties! Not only did Hykez give him kitties, but unique ones! That big demon guy in the back is from the WA cameos in POWRITN! I laughed really, really hard at that, and at this for reminding me!

Cannon drew this! There is so much about this I just adore. I love how Felix and Benny boy are just chilling together, and then their expressions when Jeff comes close...Hee!! Poor Jeff. He looks so damn cute in that last panel. But that's so totally what would happen, depending on the kind of kitty he got, hahah.:D
(In fact, the scar he does have on his face is from trying to pet a mutant critter...)

xwindows drew this! Apparently he followed my earlier art style for the fanart- Really cool! I feel a liiittle sad that my art changed so much since then. But that's how it goes, huh? It was hella nostalgic seeing this, especially in Jeff! Really though, I love so much about this scene. Everyone looks amazing. Jeff is cute, and Benny boy...I just love his 'focused' look! And that radio static; I LOVE that effect! Man, so many details, that beautiful lighting...Awesome.:D

Cannon is at it again! Bwahahaha! I had such a laugh at this, oh gosh! I considered such a scenario myself briefly, long ago, but I didn't want to part with the hoodie! But oh gosh the "How?!" and the "Nooooo!" and those faces- Perfect! Hah!

Outlaw drew the boys! Looking HELLA badass! Wow!! I just love that look of serious badass determination! Like, damn. I love the blowing hair, too; it really adds to the cool/badass factor somehow, as does all the scuff marks! And Jeff...Who woulda thought he could appear badass? But adorable all the while!

Stever drew a dirty scenario! There's been a bit of a trend of this, lately! Poor innceont WA, being turned into "WA: After Dark"! Oh boy, I laughed at this. The look on Benjamins face, that...That tentacle. Ohhhh my god!!

The WA:After Dark trend continues, this time, Sleeper further forces his Max x Anne theory (not even slightly canon, folks!) Oh boy! No real nudity, but it's very...saucy we'll say! Oh man. He sent me previews of this as he did it, and I still laugh my ass off just thinking about it. Sleeper is convinced that Anne x Max is canon, and pushes it further with pieces like this. IT's...The expressions kills me. And those last two panels! Oh my god. Axton. HAHAHAHA!!

After a joke on Skype about "Anne painting Max like his french girls", of course Argy drew it up! Of course he did. Yes. Oh my god. I should have seen it coming, but I did not, and it completely killed me. I love how he managed to keep from showing any nudity, bwahahaha!

1like1pie did two pieces! First, Eva, Benjamin, and Anne!  This is just so great- I love how he captured the characters so well! Benny boy with that typical...Benjamin look, Eva looking so trickster, and Anne being just so sweet. Not to mention, they look so awesome in his style!

(Click for full images!)

And then, he re-drew an old, old WA page (this page) for practice. Wow!!!! I gotta say, it's an infinity above and beyond (heehee) anything I could do -now-, let alone back then when 116 was fresh! Just...It is perfection. The expressions!! I can't decide what is better; Felix's badass, casual stance, or Benny boys smirk! Beautiful!:D

An Anonymous submission! Ohhh gosh. It's perfect! :D Eva is just...Oh gosh. She's SO cute. I adore so much that look of just...sadness and determination. I feel SO sorry for her. I wanna hug her, but...this anonymous person sees me as the villain! This Eva would kill me, hah.;D (Not too far off the mark, since I am drawing this horrible situation after all...Sorry~) So cute, yet so tragic, all at once...Sorry Eva!

Cannon messes with my babies once again! Oh boy! I laughed. It's so true. This is what would happen exactly! Especially Jeff. Oh my gosh. Jeff is /spot on/. He would be so excited and curious! And of course everyone is so adorable- Even Benny boys angry looks! Heee! And Jeff...The cutest.:D :D

Now starts the "Evil Eva" fanart trend, beginning with ProfEtheric! Oh mannnn. Yes, I love this! Those shadows on her face and in general, that knife...Oh man! So dark, so creepy. Those blood splatters, that choice of text and font...Hahah! This is so beautiful. Really paints Eva as the villain, hah! Well, I guess what she did was pretty bad, mwehehehe...

Not long after, Hykez returned to draw Evil Eva as well! Hahahah, I laughed. I love that crow, it's so cute! (And the bottle is a vigor from Bioshock Infinite, my favorite one!)  Fortunately, as evil as Eva may or may not be, she is NOT a cannibal! ;)

A halloween card from my lovely disciple Cannon! I'm definitely counting this among the "Evil Eva" trend, hah! Surely she wouldn't really stalk and whack Jeff with a baseball bat! Nah, she'd just destroy his beautiful and adorable pumpkin...Well, no, hopefully not that either! Really, though, this is SO cute!:D

And now a different kind of fanart, this time, this is a piece I got from the Spooky Cosplay Fanart Exchange! Drawn by Chetan, with the cast of WA dressed as characters from their own comic, Idol! Amazing! It's so adorable and...Wow! They completely captured all the characters -so- well! I especially love Eva's laughter in her bubble, the way it's too big for the bubble, so to speak. That really cracked me up! Anne being so enthusiastic, Jeff being excited, and...Just...Oh, I adore this!

Argylefox drew the cast as kids! It is the cutest damn thing, I swear! At first my favorite was Little Wee Benjamin giving Anne, playing archaeologist, a flower. SO CUTE! B-but little Felix, playing dress up with stick sickles! And, oh man, poor Eva...She needs a hug! And she's so cute with her hair down! And of course Jeff with a critter, heeeee! And Max...Yes. Anne's cookies. Of course they are. Hah!!! Ohhh gosh this is too precious!!

Cannon drew this sweet Eva scene; She felt a bit bad about her and others drawing Eva so evil lately, so she drew a nice, calm, chill drawing of her by a sunset (never feel bad about that, folks! I love it >D)! So pretty! Ohhh I love this so much! Eva looks so nice and peaceful, and the colors on that sunset...Beautiful!:D

Two more from Argy! Argyle, lately, has made a habit of making many of these adorable doodles. The first one is just too damn cute, that's totally something I can see Jeff doing. Oh gosh. I admit I haven't put much thought into the underground life in the Wastelands, hopefully he doesn't find anything too horrifying...
And then oh gosh the continuing trend of kindergarten WA pictures...That title! That bratty expression on Benjamin...Oh gosh. My heart!

Ritzy Isaac drew this adorable Jeff piece (click for full image)! We really don't get to see Jeff actually getting to cuddle many things, do we? And that's where amazing and adorable fanart like this comes in! Heee! I adore this so very much. Jeff looks SO happy! He definitely deserves this sort of treatment, hee~ I love that coloring style so much, too, particularly the background building!:D

Cannon drew Jeff FINALLY getting a kitty! Or, well, almost! This is all sorts of levels of total adorableness. That happy look on Jeff's face, that heart...Omg. That poor unsuspecting kitty is in for a scare, getting grabbed so suddenly! Poor Jeff, he so needs an easy cuddle...

Uh oh, Hykez brought nuclear winter to WA! Oh gosh. My heart. This is SUCH a sweet scene!! I really just...I can't decide what's best! Benny boy and his adorable blushing and ... misletoe, of course! Felix's snowman just cracks me up so much. Eva...Oh yes. That's definitely what she'd do with snow! Hopefully it's just snow, and not rocks covered in snow.;) And Jeff...Omg. Oh gosh he'd love a ride like that so much!

Cannon drew up Eva baking...cookies!! Oh boy, Eva bakes up some fairly twisted cookies! What really cracks me up about this is how truly Eva style it is. If Eva baked, you can bet this is the kind of thing she'd make for sure! Ohhh I love this. Hilarious! :D And now I want cookies...Somewhere in the distance, my disciple laughs at my suffering.

Sleeper continues the Max x Anne OTP conspiracy! This also cracked me up. Holy shit. There's just so much about this. Axton's fantasy, Benny boy crying at the window, Felix also at the window...Omg. The 'Christmas tree' being a bomb with the octopus on top, and...Ohhh gosh. This is amazing, bwahahah!! (And the kid... While finishing it up, Sleepz realized the kid looked like me, on accident. He embraced it fully by giving her my shirt! OH boy...)

Sigpig drew up Benny boy! Sigpig hasn't drawn since 1979, and then he went and did this! I'm honored! Not only that, but he did it with a mouse in! Having been doing WA with a mouse since around May, I understand the difficulty in that very well! And oh man, he's so cute! I really love painty style...Does that make sense? The ms painty sort of brush used- I love it! (I almost did WA like that, but I just can't pull it off)

Trad drew tumblr dolls! I don't really use tumblr so I don't really know what this phenomenon is- Just cute legless dolls of characters, I assume? Either way! GOSH Felix is SO CUTE like this! Holy crap! I love that hair sticking out and and...Nngh! So damn adorable, I love this! And, oh boy... I love that bloody scythe, too, heheheh! :D

Lilbluebox (who has written a LOT of WA fan fic and even a theme song) drew this! It is stupidly adorable! Not just Benny boy and Anne, but everyone else in the background- My favorite has to be Jeff borrowing Felix's hat, and just how...CHILL Felix is about it. Eva, too...Heee! Everyone here is just...So perfect, and so adorable! I love this~ The perfect fanart to start off the holidays, in a way.:D

(Click for full image!)

Argy drew... Oh... Oh Argy. I think we were all discussing the canonness of Max x Anne (which is, not even slightly canon) vs Anne x Felix and junk, so he drew Felix and Anne...And yes, those are tentacle marks all over him. I thought it was Max at first before Argy edited the hair, and so then he added Max in. Oh gosh. I laughed, really, really hard, ESPECIALLY at Max. Holy shit. The LOOK ON HIS FACE. It kills me!

After the above, Argy decided to troll me by posting so much fanart in such quick succession, that I had trouble rounding it all up!

Cannon drew up this Christmas hilarity! Oh gosh- So cute, and so heart breaking!:D
I love, love Eva's pose, there's just something about it...So Eva style! And Jeff...With that little bunny and santa cookies! Oh gosh!:D I also adore the way Benny boy and Felix are just chilling- heheheh. That look on Jeff's face though, oh man. Screw santa, he needs a hug (and/or a kitten D:)
And of course I whole heartedly approve of the spaghetti font ;)

Eva's name is pronounced 'Ev-uh', instead of the normal 'Ee-vuh-' As a result, Argy drew up this after finding out! I've never seen Wall-E, but I understand enough to find this hilarious!:D

Trad is a madman. He felt like drawing characters as characters from the anime Madoka, and I mentioned I'd drawn three characters as magical girls before (ancient artifacts found in the extras section!), and then...Oh boy. He put Felix and Benny boy in Madoka outfits. OH BOY. I just...Where to even start with this?! Hahaha- Gosh. The SPARKLES, oh my god. Everything...Just. Trad. You're a madman.

MoonLotus-Hime has been up to fanarts big time, she uploaded like 500 of them! Including WA!:D
And it's friggin adorable!! Oh man, it's so cool seeing the cast in such different styles, especially anime! I love how Jeff actually has this manliness about him (and that's sure a first, hehe!), and Eva...She definitely has a sneaky aura there, while still looking hella adorable. Ahhh, love this!!:D

Hykez drew Benny boy covered in lizard skin!  Hehehe, Benny boy killing the lizard and wearing its skin- What an epic turn of events this would have been! I never really thought to include anyone wearing mutant skin- What a wasted opportunity on my part, huh? I love this. He looks so very badass like this!:'D

Corrupted NPC made Felix hella badass! Oh man, he truly looks fearsome here, ready to slice someone up! Man, there's just so much about this- the eyes, the shadows, the white around the black, the text...Daaamn, awesome! I hope he's not mad at me for his backstory or something, heheh~

Dollipop drew Benny boy again! Ahhh, I love this style and color and *-* He's so handsome and badass looking! Ahhhhh, I love that serious expression, too, and those eyes...Aw man, I just adore sketches like this so much! He's so awesome looking and and ;~;

Cannon tortures my babies once again in this two year anniversary piece! Oh my god. This absolutely kills me, it really does! Especially the angels! Hahahaha! Holy shit. She tortures my babies so much, and I love it. I love how she portrayed me, too, pfft.;) And Felix...Awww, he's so peaceful! And then I got to him. Woops. I understand the anger in the previous fanart now...

Argy decided to troll me once again! He did this piece as an elaborate troll move- He posted it under a new user account, pretending to be someone else. It's so badass! I love it. The shadows, the text...Agh! I especially adore that little smirk and all those blood splatters!
Later Argy revealed the secrets behind it- look closely...

Another Argy piece-  Wastelanders Anonymous furry edition! Oh...Oh dear. Sorry folks, this'll never happen! But I gotta say, they all look super adorable like this, especially with Argy's style! Felix is just SO badass, as a wolf (I assume), and Benny boy and and...Oh gosh. The absolute cutest though, is Jeff! BUNNY JEFF AHHhH

Hykez drew up this parody of Calvin and Hobbes- What a fun parody~ It's too cute for words! These two really do make a fun pair. That little makeshift car, Felix being the reasonable one- Eeee! :D

I'm sadly not too familiar with the source series, but I know enough to understand this and the sheer adorableness of it!

Argy up to his same old tricks, again!  Probably inspired by the "Draw Your Characters in a Cheesy Romance Parody" thread, Argy came up with this latest bit of Max shipping insanity after a discussion on the subject. Oh... Oh gosh. I swear, all these really bizarre Max shipping pictures crack me up to no end. It's just so... so weird. I laughed so hard. Oh my god. The serious looks on their faces and all, and the poses and...Omg. I think what kills me the most is the way Max is mostly shirtless and buff...Ohhh boy.

I got a get well gift from Fig! :D Ohhh boy I fan girl squealed all over this! Kexx is one of the first comics I subbed to, like it's just always been there, and Threed is one of my most favoritest characters on CF, so it was super cool seeing him with my own babies here! I just love this style, so so much. Between the bunny ears, Benny boy's expression, and and...Ahhh! My favorite here has to be Jeff; That expression!! TOO ADORABLE! D:

Another art from Nama, this time a couple sketches! Nama felt like practicing art, asked what he should draw, and someone offered up Eva. And then he drew Eva and Benny boy! Or, hehee, "Boi~" (Oh how that made me laugh). I love this. Nama has one of the cutest styles ever, and it was so cool seeing Eva with such a snarky look in this. And Benny "boi"! He's so cute! AHHGH! I love them! D:

HeSepernty's amazing webcomic hit 200+ subscribers, and as a thank you, drew headshots for all the subscribers! Wow! And she did Axton- Amazing! Oh gosh~~ He's SO handsome and badass in her style! That serious look, ahhhhhhhhh- I love everything about this so much!

Cannon drew... Oh boy. The 'cannibalism' theory sure was popular- So much so that, of course, my dark humor loving disciple had to draw something for it! Oh... Oh man, this just killed me! Between the apple in Benny boy's mouth, the head on the wall... No, that damn picture! THAT is the best part! Hahahhaaha! :'D

MistakeNPotatoes drew random CF character headshots- and did one of Benny boy! Oh gosh. It's funny how everyone can make Benny boy badass but me, hah! For reals, I adore this. He looks so awesome in this style! I love sketches like this oh gosh

Sleeper strikes again... This time... With an advertisement?! An actual WA ad that he has on his page as we speak. He loves putting joke advertisements at the top of his page, and he needed a one, and he decided to include the "totally canon" Anne x Max ship. Oh boy. There's just so much about this that makes me laugh so much, ESPECIALLY the fact he actually uses it! Holy shit, Sleepz!

Argy decided to sketch up a buncha CF characters, and he included Benny boy! Oh gosh. Yet another badass Benny boy sketch, all in the same week! I really adore this sketchiness, and even the color being sketchy... Eeeee! I love it! And that pose... Oh man~~ Loves it~ :D (Check the full version with the other characters here!)

Hykez drew this up- Apparently that scene made him think of an FPS map, heee! It would make a fun game map, wouldn't it? Hah. I don't play TF2 'cause I'm a heathen scrub or something, but I get it. I love this oh gosh- I love Benny boy running down there, but my favorite part has to be Olivia and Brian- They're both so adorable! Eeee!:D

(Full sized version here, and the other half of the map showing the other team is here!)

Paul, the mad king,drew like... almost everyone! Holy crap! SO many! I love this style, oh gosh. It's one of those styles that really, really rock black and white! I can't... I just can't decide who I like the most! Jeff's excitement, Eva's Eva grin, Benjamin just sorta putting up with everyone, Felix looking SO BADASS holding his mask and Anne and books and and AHHHH Iadorethismuch;~~~;

ProRevolution drew... Benjamin and Jeff- And a mutant bunny! Awww!  Oh Ben. I adore so much that look of just... Just ben ness. And Jeff! Awwwww!
Ahhh, it's so cute! I love the expressions! And all the eyes on that bunny! <333

Argy trolling once again! I forget now what the context was, if any, but he decided to draw up cute furry versions of Anne, Benjamin, and Felix- And of course... Omg, those names!

Chilphill  drew up this great lineless Eva! I love that badass confident look she has- And it's such a cool mix between the styles! I really adore that lineless style. This is one gorgeous Eva, I love her~~

Argyle drew... Oh boy. There's a joke on skype (started by Sleeper) that Olivia had a harem going (it wasn't!), and... Of course, Argy being Argy, drew it. Ohhhh boy! I laughed so much, and everyone here is so cute! Then a joke doodle- Jeff, with Yaoi hands. Pffft! And finally, my birthday present! Oh gosh there's just so much about this! The FEELS are so great for one, a-and... That badass BOSS FIGHT! Benny boy means business! And oh man the way Eva is just hanging off everyone... -snerk- Ahhhhh perfect ;~;

Miaubol drew Jeff and kitties! Omg, so cute!! Jeff found himself in a den of KITTIES! Oh man, the excited look on his face is just so adorable! I'm happy for him! And all those kitties... Omg! They're all so distinct! And cute! especially the one near Jeff with the bunch of eyes and and ahhhhh! This needs to be canon! ;)

Yet more from Argyle! Wooooo boy! I got such a laugh out of this one! Eva looks so sweet... So... Yes, so innocent. This is most definitely the most canon fanart ever received. Yup. It's the sparkly eyes and those fancy fonts that killed me the most...! And the second (which I'll only link, 'cause the picture he drew over isn't mine D:) here- I had found a really pretty picture I shared (sadly, I have no idea of the actual source of the photo) and Argy drew Benjamin in there, because of course he did. It's so pretty...!! (He did two more, here and here! )

Rufiangel drew Benny boy... Oh my! A belated bday gift! I love this... This style! I'm not sure what wording I want here, but damn- that shading!! I love how dark it is, and the blood and the tears and... Oh man. The feels. THE FEELS. They are strong...! Ahhh, I adore this so much! <3

ProfEtheric, being Prof, went and drew fanart for each and every subscriber! Holy shit, dude, that's some mad dedication! And... Ohhh I love this. Eva looks so beautiful and fancy! I love this black and white style shading and ahhhhh~~

Hykez drew Benny boy... Woah! Apparently Benny boy made a cameo in Married to a Transformer Fan! I had no idea! It's been on my reading list, but alas! Gosh... I love him here, though! So badass! The DUAL WIELDING!! :D

And the second one- Hahaha, this made me laugh! I'm a HUGE Terminator 2 fan, and this... Omg. Jeff finally gets his long awaited badass moment, haha! And Eva on the Bongos... Oh my god. Perfect. :'D

Cannon drew Jeff and his new kitty! :D Ohh man. I think my favoritest part is that little warm. Hnnnnghhhh! It's so cute, it warms my soul! I mean, the entire thing is horribly adorable anyways! Aww man, good for Jeff... He looks so happy! :'D

An anonymous person drew- Magical girls anonymous?! Oh my goodness, this made me cackle so hard! And at the same time... Wow! It's ... It's so professional, especially the way the background was done! Bwahaha, they're all sooo adorable! I love magical girls, I really do. Female Felix really has to be my favoritest here though... The little hat, the color scheme...! :D

Another anonymous person- Ohh gosh. Ahh, the red plague doctor! W-wow... This looks... Wow! It's so creepy, and badass, and intimidating and...!! I love those sketchy lines! A-and the colors... Omg... The sword! :D
And that red eye and the skull and and...! Oh man. This person succeeded in making the red plague doctor a true villain like I never could, haha! I love this~ (And I can't help but notice this one is so obviously female, hehe!)

Trad drew Felix in the style of a Malay puppet! And that is me in the background controlling him, hah! I gotta say, this is SUCH a unique idea. I got to see updates to this as he created it, and it was so much fun watching it come together. Those patterns are my favorite... The patience that must have took! Amazing! :D

Argylefox, after seeing puppet Felix, drew up this doodle as a joke! Hahaha! As with most of Argy's works, I laughed a lot. Oh man. That look on Felix's face...:D
Gosh, I never realized puppets were so dirty, hehe. G-good thing this puppet wasn't one of those kinds! D:

Eva made a special appearance in a (now sadly deleted comic) page of Winners and Losers, and Lirv sent me a copy of it with just Eva! Oh boy, I just love this! It was hella awesome seeing Eva amongst all those other CF ladies, many of which I recognize! And she's sooo beautiful! I especially love how he did the hair, and how the bathing suit matches her usual attire, hehe. And "Sunbathers Anonymous"... -snerk-

Argylefox drew Jeff. As an *actual* zombie. Hahahah! Oh man- It's always weird to think of Jeff as *that kind of zombie, isn't it? Man- Argyle actually managed to make Jeff (JEFF!) look threatening! Ohhh man... That stuff on his mouth... I'm sure that's not spaghetti sauce!

Call me Tom drew sketches of Felix, Anne, Benjamin, Jess, and Jeff! :D Hah, I love it! It's so cool seeing my characters in such a totally different but amazing style such as Toms. I really love stuff like the difference between Jeff and Jess- Jeff is so ragged and worn in comparison! But still even happier, hah. The determined look on Benjamin's face is SO badass, and Felix... Aw man, I love that expression so much! And Anne... So happy!:D

And then he colored it!

Mothtrap drew Benny boy looking hella serious! Oh man. He looks so sad, so solemn... I want to hug him and stop being so evil to him in the comic. But that'll never happen, so we get sad Benny boy. He looks so cool in this style! I especially love the hair... Something about the coloring there! :D

Realmlord drew Felix! Oh gosh! He's so badass manly in this style, haha! I love that hair, those eyes... Oh man, that expression! He definitely gives off the feeling that he is no force to be messed with, heh! And that hand holding the mask... Dayumn!

Cannon drew... Oh. Oh my! Anne thinking some evil thoughts with Lincoln... Haha!! Oh boy. I laughed really hard at this. That evil expression, those thought bubbles, the evil colored background... Omg. But specially Anne, she looks so smooth and... Delightfully evil! :'D

A cute lil Argyle sketch! What was the context here? I don't know anymore. Hehe... Something like I joked around with someone that since the last time they read WA, I'd killed everyone off. Then somehow new titles started flying around, like "Wastelanders Anonymous: X-TREME!", and then, Argy, being Argy, drew up this adorable little Felix! Oh gosh... SO cute. I'm really jelly- He can come up with cuteness so fast!

Amalockh did something pretty unique- Photoshop kitty! That's right... It's Lincoln! Amalockh photoshopped a real kitten to become Jeff's little Lincoln! Awww man, SO CUTE! That kitten got a major upgrade into adorability! I love this so much. It's funny, too- It looks so real and legit! It's a damn good shop! :D

Couch drew... Ohhh gosh. Jeffs dream come true x7! Oh man I adore everything about this, he looks SO happy, and all those kitties... Omg. They're all sooooo adorable!!
Hehe. Hopefully he can keep his balance, falling on a kitty would be bad, but moving that sleeping kitty on his leg would be an even bigger crime...;) (And, hey, the brown kitty on his arm is a cameo of Couch's own kitty! Awesome! :D)

Argyle drew Jess! Eeee! Oh man, I adore this. I feel like... It captures her perfectly, even her general attitude. Her hair and eyes are my favorite parts, I think. SO BEAUTIFUL.:'D

I believe this is the first stand alone fanart of Jess, as well!

Hykez drew... HAH! YES!  Something people may not realize about me, is that I really love westerns. So of course I love fanart like this, eeeeeeeee!! Jeff is SO cute (oh gosh, that kitty~), Benjamin looks really cool and badass, and Felix... Oh gosh. Felix is the most badass of them all!! All that black, that... that HAT... the dual weilding...Eeeeeeee! <3

Lirv made a movie poster again! Ah, I love this! It's such a truly beautiful landscape. Seriously, I absolute adore work like this. Those bits of damaged, ancient buildings, the little dots that are our heroes, the sand...Ahh! I loooove that tagline (made me snicker really hard!), and that title itself- SUCH badass text, I love it! I wish I could title like that.:'D

Shrek drew... Oh, Shrek. Shrek Shrek Shrek. Hahaha, oh man. I really needed this sort of silliness that day, really cheered me up! Felix in this style... Omg.:'D
My favorite part though is the part about him being the easiest to draw as the reason he's a main character- Hahaha! It's a coincidence, gosh.;)

Realm drew three things! (Original sized copies here, here, and here) Eeee! I love these! She really manages to make my boys look so badass.:D
I love the colors! The first one is Benny boy looking all sorts of cool, then Felix looking... Oh boy. Apparently in Realm's vision of WA, Felix is most definitely evil.;) The red thrown in there...Haha, I see what you did there!
And then Jeff...Awww, poor Jeff! He needs a hug. I love the oranges and the reds and...Ahhhh! I love these!

And yet more from Realm! Shippy fanart!
She was inspired by the blushing in the last page, hehe. Fits rather well to the current page, too! I love this, it's soooo sweet! They're dressed so fancily, gosh- That little bowtie!! Ahh, they look so happy~ :'D

Argyle with yet more silliness! The context is... Uh... I'm not sure. I don't think there is any, hahahaha. Argyle is, as always, a madman and fanart king. And oh boy did I laugh- Best thing to wake up to! It's just... It's so out there as a concept. That LEG omfg. It's like that sexy legs Coach mod for L4D2! And the fancy way he takes off the mask and... Oh good lord. Best.

And then he also drew...  Oh boy. I cackled pretty damn heartily at this one. It's friggin' perfect. I can't decide what I love more- The utter fury from Anne, or that shocked look on poor Benny boys face. Bwahahahaha! I didn't really expect to see fanart of Jenny so soon, too! She's ADORABLE!! ;~;

Chrona drew the first standalone Alex fanart! :D Hehe, I gotta say, I wasn't expect any Alex art! And then Chrona surprised me with this- Oh gosh! I love it soo much. I feel like this captures Alex perfectly- Even in ways I simply could not. This is definitely better! :D I love everything, from her expression, to that pose, those eyes, that sort of coloring- Ahhh! So beautiful, so badass, and CUTE! I love it~

From AugustaCaesar- It's Felix- All Phantom of the Opera style! Hahaha! Oh man. I really do adore Felix in this style, like, it just works -so- well for him- particularly the hair and eyes. Oh, 'specially the hair! And the profile... Ahh. Feels. I want to hug this Felix.:D

From Rulerbrain, Jeff giving Alex quite a special mutant kitty- This one *floats*! Haha! Aw man- It's so cute! I could totally see Jeff giving out a gift like this, because of course he would, he's Jeff. And the look on Alex's face...! Perfect.:D

Argy back to his usual shenangins ...Drew this up, echoing the thoughts of many americans right now. Hahaha! I really cackled at this. It's perfect. That panic on Anne's face... Oh Anne. Though I can confirm, the world did not end because of Trump.:D

From Adina, WOAH! Woahh! It's a WIP, but, GOSH! Amazzzze! I gotta say I really adore this ship (whether or not it becomes canonized, hehe ;) ). This pictures is sooo cute and sweet. They really are so adorable together here, oh gosh! I love this. Especially the hair, and the faces, and... Ah gosh! They look so beautiful like disney characters, haha~~

From Werewolfsbane! - Remember when Felix got his mask smashed in, so very long ago? What if he had to play strip poker with those lizards? Oh gosh. The very idea of this premise had me lauging. That, and the look on Felix's face- Holy shit. HaHAHA! Good lord. I love this so much. It amuses me to no end! Poor Felix... :D

From Selkey, it's the Red Plague Doctor! Bwahaha! I love when people draw The Red Plague Doctor, because they're such a mystery, and who it is hasn't been revealed, so it's always fun seeing how people interpret them regardless of this. And this is awesome! Looking so fancy, so deadly- Gosh, I love that mask so much, really does it justice and then some! :D


Even more from Rulerbrain! Oh man. I gotta say, I never really imagined these two fighting much. Why? I'm not sure. But now, seeing this fanart, it totally should be a thing! Man, this is SO badass, though! I especially love Felix's half mask look- Now that is classic, which is weird to think about, haha.:D

From Bizfurd/ProRevo~ D'awww! I love how "opposite" it is- That is, very round, compared to my very, ah.... Square, style, heh! It really suits him, too- He is SOOO cute and adorable, oh gosh! Just... Aww man! :D

MST3KFan was busy. Very busy. He did approximately 500 Christmas fanarts for a lot of CF folks, me included! Look, it's EVA! Woah! Both fanarts are of her, actually, woah. And gosh, she's just perfect in this style! Dat sly grin... Dem eyes... Dat santay outfit, hahaha! :D

Even more from Rulerbrain! It's that one mystery girl- Woah!~ It sure has been a long time since she appeared. Time is funny that way. But woah, such a cool surprise getting fanart of her, especially considering her limited appearance! And the way she's portrayed here is just... great! She's so cute, but also, hella badass. Just... That look on her face. Awesome!

Hykez drew a Funko Pop style Felix! You know, those cute little toy things? Ah, I've never seen one in person, but I've seen many pictures. They're so cute! And Felix, omg, he's SO perfect like this, I swear! Sooo cute!
Those little scythes <33333

From Chippewa Ghost! It's always so cool seeing how Eva gets portrayed. I really feel like this captures her so, so very well- Just... That sad sort of smug sneakiness- If that makes any sense. Gosh, her expression is definitely my favoritest part here, but I love all of her! I really adore her in this style, ahh, perfect! :D

Rulerbrain, again! It's Felix and... A fellow from Fallout! Oh, gosh. This amused me so much- Felix really is an easy target for teasing and just being made fun of. He's just too easy going for his own good... Hahahaha. Owl Mask.:D

Argy, on a roll! Oh man, I laughed at this, so much. It's absolutely perfect. I absolutely adore these two in this style, especially Jess- She's so lovely! And so BRUTAL! Ouch! Poor Jeff, trying to make a funny joke, and then...

Rulerbrain again! Ahhh, I really love this sort of style, too! Eva... Aw man. That smug ass grin you just wanna smack off that face, bwahhaahhaa! Well, maybe not quite that far. It's so perfect, though! Especially those eyes...:D

From HykezAnother adorable pop figure! This time Jeff and Lincoln! Omg, these two... SOOO friggin' cute, holy hell!! Jeff just RADIATES pure joy, and that kitten... AHHHH!!! This is just... ;~~~~;

From Madman Sleepz- OH BOY. Hahahahaha, as you can see, Sleepz continues to push the Max x Anne OTP canon.It's not canon, folks! It never will be!
Apparently in this canon, this is years in the future after Axton finally kills Max. Hahaha. Oh man. This is sad, but also so hilarious, on so many levels. I cackled pretty heavily.:'D

It's Jenny, drawn in Rulerbrains adorable style! Ah man. Talk about laying on the guilt to 'ol Evilbiscuit, huh? Gosh! Man, this style definitely does her justice- She looks so sweet and cute and confident here and AHHHH I'm a monster D:

And a certain friggin Argyle...Yup, that's right- It's me. Blowing up Jenny. OH MY GOD. I really choked when I first saw this, I laughed so much. Holy shit. I really am one evil biscuit, and y'all are making sure I'm aware I'm a monster...
And gosh I love how he draws me with the striped stockings bwahaha

From Vincethestick, one of my disciples! ;) (full)
It's Jeff with Al from Full Metal Alchemist! Omg, so cuuuuuute! I think my favorite part has to be lil Lincoln there- D'awww! Hell, both kitties are adorable! And of course Jeff is too damn cute, and that look on Al's face... Eee! :'D

More guilt tripping fanart, from Trav this time! Oh gosh, hahaha. Yeah, I REALLY felt the guilt after seeing this one! D:
That crying from poor Benny boy, the static... Omfg. And JENNY with those damn angel wings above a mushroom cloud! AHhhhhhh!!! ;^;

More guilt tripping fanart from Argyle! Ah gosh. This gave me feels, but it's so very beautiful at the same time. Now THAT is a mushroom cloud this time... Ah gosh. That reflection is so lovely, even though it means death. And her dropping the walkie talkie... Ahhh. D:
Jenny deserved a hug before this...

From Dave Schmidt...Something not guilt tripping, but more happy! Whew.;)
Remember this moment waaaaay back when, when Jeff tried on Felix's hat? Well, Dave drew it up! D'aw! He looks equal parts hella handsome and adorable! That eye... Aww, good for Jeff! :D

From Argy- Oh gosh. Eva being FULL ON PSYCHO!!! Woah!! Or, well, maybe just traumatized? Gosh, either way! I feel so bad for her, somehow, hahah. I love her with this look- I think that makes me a bad biscuit...

From Chris the Blue- Jeff being TOTALLY FRIGGIN' ADORABLE! Holy crap, he is criminally cute in this style, what in the hell? Especially that dopey grin, d'awwwww!!!
That little cake slice...!!

From Rulerbrain~ :D Ah gosh! Everyone looks so damn cute in this style, there's just something about it. And Anne, Anne really takes the cake here! Wahhh, she's sooo adorably nerdy! Those glasses! Omg, and that hair... Ahhh! :D

Chrona did a Death Note spoof using Jeff. OMG. It needs to be seen to be believed, in how completely hysterical and adorable it is, at the same time. I don't wanna give away what happens, but, oh, gosh. THERE IS SO MUCH. The Sexy Jess posters, the comments on how Axton kills snakes, the Max x Anne shipping references... Omgggggggg. And the art is SO CUTE! Everyone is so cute- Even I make a tiny appearance! Ahhh! Oh gosh, I'd feel so bad for Jeff if this came to pass. Omg.:'D

Rulerbrain, doing the first ever fanart for Reagan! And she's so lovely in it! Rulerbrain really captured her... -snerk-... Lovely demeanor and personality here~ ;) For real though, I love her here, ahhhhhhh! ;^;

Speaking of Reagan, more fanart of her! Woah! From Argyle! (Alternate with text~) Wahhh! She looks so rugged and BADASS! It's funny that she has oil on her face, 'cause I actually forgot to put that on her apron when she first appeared. Oops. But omg, so cool! That huge ass wrench! I can't decide what I like more here; That rugged awesome hair, or that expression :'D
And that text version omfg...

From Chrona again~:D It's Eva, being SUPER PSYCHO EVIL WOAH. I just love this, dem pencil lines... Ahh, Eva looks so lovely looking at that knife. And those eyes- So evil! Ahhh, this is so great~ :D
I think my favorite part is the smile, but I can't decide.:'D

Lately Argy's been doing some really cool stylized pics- And he did one of Reagan! Woah!! This is super unique- I REALLY wanna see him do more things in this style! Ahhhh!
Omg, those EYES are so cute, and those tips! I love the minimal colors so much, so effective!:D

Some shippy fanart from Call Me Tom!:D -snerk-
I never imagined the possibility of these two being *that* close, I gotta say. But this image is just too sweet, bwahaha! They look so cute together! I guess they could be happy that way, since they'd both live possibly forever... Or a long ass time, anyhow. Long enough.:D

Fanartgyle is on an eternal roll. D'aww... It's TET! Looking REALLY adorable, omg. I just adore those eyes! And his hair being an antennae... Haha! He looks straight up huggable like this, gosh. I love those lines in his eyes, too~ :D

From Chippewa Ghost- Aw gosh!! It's Eva! Isn't she just the prettiest here? Ohh gosh. And that backdrop, that sky... Hnnnnnnnnngh. That's such a creative (and fitting) swimsuit, too. But, my favorite part, is that HAIR. Man, just something about hair in this style, and Eva's...!

Reagan by an anonymous artist! Wahhh! I'm so pleased people seem to be liking Reagan. She's so... Perfect here! I adore that little bag accessory... And Reagan herself, ahhh!!! The hair! And that toothpick, and... Gosh. She's so pretty! She looks so cool and ready to work~ And that title sure makes me feel legit!

Rulerbrain again! :D D'awww!! It's soooo cute! I definitely love the idea of Jess taking the lead here- Totally her style vs Felix being such a poor shy dork. And the way she has to like reach for him! Ahhhhh!!

Woah, more "Fess" art, too, from Realm! Gosh, lovin' all this Jess/Felix art lately! It's kinda been a while since we've even seen them... And ahhhh, it's sooooo sweet and ADORABLE! These two together, just... Eeeeeeee! I think my favorite part is the hair. I don't know why, I just feel like I can grab it. And the snooowww! <3 Such a lovely scene~~

What goes on in Argyle's mind? I don't think anyone wants to know. Among the oddly popular 'Max x Anne' headcanon, there's also the 'Benny boy has a harem' headcanon. Oh boy. Now I'm picturing Benny boy as a harem anime protagonist. ARGYLE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Jesus, this pic makes me laugh so much...

Holy fuck balls, Dom! Dom has a real knack for landscapes especially, which you can see here, and... Eeeee! It's soooo beautiful!!! And poor Benny boy sitting there... That monster, too! Omg! It's... it's oddly cute, hahahaha! But jesus, THAT LANDSCAPE. DUUUUUDE. I wish I could paint the wasteland as beautifully as this...

Paul asked, "I'm bored, what should I draw?"

"Furry porn, to attract future commissions"

I was kidding, but he decided to take the "furry" part seriously and... These were the result! Ohhh my god...
Thankfully missing the "porn" part of the 'suggestion', Paul furrified the cast of WA. Bwahahah! Jesus. I think this is some of the most insane art yet, maybe? Goodness! I gotta say, though... They sure are adorable!! Especially Eva! Eee~

Gosh. I swear, Chippewa is a master of backgrounds, especially these skies. It's so beautiful! And the shadows on the foreground and... Agh!!! This picture is so beautiful, but also so full of feels. Gosh, especially for future page reasons, it makes me feel sad, among other things.:D

-snerk-... What you see here is my Felix switching clothes with Realm's Vincent, and it's hilarious. It's the expressions especially - Vincent looks so confused holy shit. And Felix, finding himself suddenly so FANCY. Bwahahahaha! Love it! :'D

So Argyle decided the dialogue on the last page sounded like a porn intro because of course he did he's Argyle. Oh gosh. Just when I think I can't laugh any harder at all the silliness, this comes along!~

And from Dom- It's Reagan! Looking both badass and adorable and AHHH I WANNA HUG HER EVEN THOUGH SHE'D PROBABLY PUNCH ME. WORTH IT. The goggles and the tools- SUCH a nice touch!! :D
-snerk- #1 Waifu, haha~

From Rulerbrain... Yup, Benny boy x Mystery Robot Girl- And nice timing too, considering her popping up again, haha! I gotta say, they look oddly cute together... Though canonically it's probably less plausible than Anne x Max.;)

Bwahaha! Basically what Trav did here was combine Benny boy, Jeff, and Felix, into the ultimate being. Just look at him! He's ready to kick some ass, and pet some kitties- Love it! :D

MST2KFan went on another EPIC roll and did a metric fuck ton of fanarts for folks for the holidays- And I was one of them again! This year, it's Anne. And she looks so sweet and beautiful and happy and ahhh~~~ ;^;

Chippewa drew, well... ...It's the ending we should hope DOESN'T happen. Eh? Eh? Oh gosh. This is so great though. I should feel guilty for seeing my characters scared or injured, but gosh dang Benny boy just looks so adorable in this style, and freaked out of his mind!


When the cast of WA meets the cast of another comic...:D


Of course I had to include this one! From the "Steal a character from another comic" thread, Unsavory of This Hostile Universe drew Benjamin interacting with his Oliver! This was damn cool. And perfect! I just love the way Benny boy looks in this style! And his attitude is dead on! The idea of my characters interacting with characters from my favorite comics is a cool concept, I love it.:D


And here is Jeff, meeting Franky from Loaf and Pals, by Undeadloaf! This is just awesome. One of my characters getting to meet a favorite character of mine from another comic! And Jeff looks so damn good here. I really get a kick out of that expression, and the whole thing just amuses me, with the mirror joke and all!:D


Marcus of the amazing Xibalba likes to audition for various comics on Comicfury. This tends to not go so well. This time however, he ends up as an extra in WA, as drawn by the awesome XibalbanSleeper! Oh, how I love this. I always loved these auditions. They're hysterical. And seeing WA done was such an amazing thing! I laughed so hard at the idea of Marcus owning land in WA and even becoming an extra. That last panel is just perfect, I love the way they look, this style works so perfectly for them! (See the rest of Marcus' auditions here!)


From MST3KFan comes Anne and Eva, along with his own character dressed as a Vault Dweller from the game series Fallout! It's always nice seeing the girls getting drawn, too. The males tend to hog the spot light, heh heh heh. But really they both look SO very lovely here. And they're pretty fitting to themselves too! Like Eva looks straight up Eva with that sneak grin on her face, with Anne being a bit more serious. Oh, the expressions are perfect! I also really love the hair. And, well, everything!:D


ProfEtheric drew up Benny boy meeting his own character, Nesariel! Perfect. Benny boy looks awesome here, and I love crossovers like this! Every single piece of this just amuses me so. Of course it's way funnier if you're familar with his comic.:D

Nesariel is my favorite as well,  so seeing them meet is super amazing! And Benny himself looks really cool in Prof's style! That horrified look on his face...Yes. Perfect. It's so very amusing seeing Benny boy reject his help, and imagining just the sort of "help" Nesariel would give...:D


UndeadLoaf drew up a buncha the characters from zombie related comics on ComicFury- Including Jeff! What's really cool is how I recognize each and every one of them! It's so very cool seeing my little Jeff amongst all these awesome folks!

And the look on his face...Yes. Brains would very much gross him out...:D I really adore how there's a special seating area for zombies, too, hahah!


Yet another UndeadLoaf piece- His character, Loaf, meeting my Anne! And he...Killed off Benjamin?! Or who?! Woah there, Loaf. Woah there. Despite this horrendous crime, Anne is damn adorable!! Seriously, she's so cute in this style! Oh gosh. And I reallllly love those blood effects; Especially the cut on Loafs arm. Can you tell I really love blood? Hahah. Can't help but wonder how this happened, and those last two panels..!  That's a pretty sweet ending, but I'm sure Benny boy would most certainly not approve! Anne using her tentacles for a hug is pretty cute, too.:D

ArgyleFox drew up this amazing piece; his own Aiko meeting Anne! I can only imagine this interaction would leave Anne a bit disturbed, creeped out, or at the least bothered, heheh. But really, I  adore Argyles style, and it works so very well for Anne! I especially loooove the hair. It's beautiful! But really, everything about her here is beautiful and just....Sigh, awesome. Love it! Everything from the eyes, the hair, the tentacles... The glasses! So pretty. And Aiko of course is creepily adorable as always!



ProfEtheric did it again- This time, Nesariel meets my Eva! Oh boy. I never pictured these two as partners in crime before, but after seeing this, I realize I really should have! It is waaaaayy too perfect! I shudder at the damage these two could go, the pranks they could play. Oh god. Poor Benny boy, poor everyone! The way they're arm and arm like that is too cute. And Eva looks soo adorable and mischievous in this style!:D


XibalbanSleeper is at it again, with this sequel to the Marcus WA audition! He told me there'd be a follow up, but I was completely unprepared for this. I completely lost it. I think my favorite part has to be Jeff; patting Marcus (of course), and then trying to get the chicks away from him...Yes, perfect! Total Jeff behavior! Of course I love Felix and Benny boy as well; Felix looking perfectly handsome, and Benny boys face in the second panel...hah!! Love this. Too damn funny.

Anne meets Charlotte once again- This time in a surprise cameo during the 200th page celebration! Anne and Jeff appear here and here! These renditions were amazing. They both look so awesome in this style, and...oh. Oh how I laughed at the "tentacle hentai" bit, Charlottes annoyance at my lame ass post-apocalyptic world, and the....the KITTY. Oh my god. "Mew"! MST3KFan captured Jeff and Anne so perfectly!

Madjak had a dream...A dream involving many CF characters, including Felix! Oh gosh, it's an honor seeing Felix here, in Madjaks adorable and recognizeable style! And talking to Teren, hell yeah, Teren is my favorite! Everyone here is sooo cute and little Felix is just so ahhh I want to hug him

Kelty has done it again, hehe- this time, Jeff joins some other CF "monsters"! Along with Jeff there is Kelty's own James, Hugh from The Shadows Over Innsmouth, and Hizruk from Serpents of Old! It's so very cool, as always, seeing one of my babies with such awesome characters! And in SUCH an adorable drawing, oh gosh! Everyone is SO cute!:D
"Dumb Monster Babby"...Hee!

Hykez87 drew up a buncha awesome CF characters as Warhammer 40k characters, including Benny boy and Jeff! Sadly, I don't play Warhammer 40k. But I'm still heavily amused by this, hehee! Especially Jeff, being all adorable and excited about glowing! Oh gosh. And Benny boy. Oh my god. All that badass gear! Awesome!:D
Hell, everyone here is awesome- All those details on the armor and guns!!!

TheFullCrumb drew his characters and mine together! Hahaha, crossovers like this sure are fun! Gosh. Jeff is SO cute. That little thumbs up! And Felix off to the side, like a brooding badass...Snerk! Beautiful. That little music quote...Hehehe! Good quote to follow.;)

The joke here might not be too obvious to everyone; The other two characters here are from ProfEtheric's comic, Autumn Bay, however, they were cut in the reboot, hence them not being wanted from the 'other Kindergarten'. Hah!!! This is super adorable and hilarious, and Prof is clearly evil for turning away such cuties ;)! Argyle doesn't like that these two are missing from the reboot; who can blame him? ;)

Argy drew a WHOLE BUNCH of Cf characters as kids celebrating the holidays!! Everyone is just...So, so adorable, oh my gosh! Argy already has this adorable style, and then to draw well known characters as kids with it- Eeee!:D Lil Benny boy, oh gosh! My favorite part is Anne, though- That mistletoe! And she looks like SUCH a nerd- Very true to life. Adorable~ :D

(Click for the full image; it's quite long!)

Argy up to his old tricks! First, he drew his own Max with my Max's fingers. And cookies. Of course. Then, he continues the crazed Max x Anne ship, this time with his own Max, and Anne and his character Kara duke it out. Oh boy.
And then, finally...he pairs up Anne with Santa Claus. Yes, his Santa is a hot chick. Did I mention yet that he was a madman?

Jammy drew a whole bunch of CF characters as chickens! Oh...Oh boy! He'd mentioned doing this, and I'm so very glad he did. This is super adorable! The WA character here is the "Broiler" chicken- It's Jeff! Oh gosh. He's so cute and happy! Perfect!:D
You might recognize some of the other characters as well, such as James from Nightlight!

Madman Argylee made an EPIC cross over! Featuring Anne from WA, as well as characters from Autumn Bay,The Shadows over Innsmouth, and Pros Edra! Aw man, this was such an amazing cross over, haha! Oh man, it is the best. It was so cool seeing Anne amongst these awesome characters- And poor Anne, she's so lost and cute, hahaha! And it's so beautiful- the user of shadows...!


Argy was also very busy, and decided to draw a bunch of characters (all from CF comics) having a nice little holiday party! And oh gosh, it's PERFECT. Everyone is so cute, so cool- Lookit Eva there! Complete with cheesy holiday sweater, ha ha!!! She looks so adorable with it, omg! Everyone is perfect~ ;~;

Another huge pic, from Mothtrap! Yet another amazing Christmas image with multiple CF folks- Woahh!! Lookit Eva! Omg! She's soooo cute in this style- I loooove that deviousness! I swear, all of y'all make her so awesomely devious. And that brown scarf is so adorable and so fitting for her- It's too bad there won't be any snowy scenes in WA, or I'd totally steal it!

Argy yet again! It's my Eva, meeting Sonja from my boyfriends awesome text based comic! Woah! I gotta say, that's a really cool idea for a crossover, mweehehe. I really squeeed at the idea of this- just awesome. Eva, as always, looks amazing in his style! Really, Argyle just gets her so... Perfect, somehow!

Argy, being the mad bear fox that he is, drew a metric fuck ton of comicfury characters for Christmas- again!! This time, you can see little Benny boy down there at the bottom, being hit on by my boyfriends character, Sonja! Omg, so adorable. EVERYONE IS! Holy crap, well fucking played, Argy!! :D


When someone from WA appears in a comic, hidden in the background!

Click the images to visit the comics!


Look closely at the tables...Yup, it's Benny boy! The lovely Outlaw drew up a bunch of ComicFury characters sitting at the tables- Including Benny boy! It's always truly an honor seeing my characters in such great comics, and among so many other characters I know and love. And Benny boy looks so very great in this style!


Someone doesn't dig all the racket...And it's none other than Benny boy! Benjamin is sick of all this damn noise, he just wants to scavenge in peace, dangit! Yes, UndeadLoaf had to throw Benny boy in as the person annoyed by Loafs yelling!:D

Ahhh, he's so lovely in this style- And the heterochroma is a very unique touch that no one else has done before!

Look whos waiting in the line here for Wonderland...Yup, XibalbanSleeper threw in our very own Benny boy, along with a bunch of other amazing and recognizeable CF folks! I just love the look and pose on him, bwahaha! It's so him!

I got to watch Keltyzoid draw....strange things over stream, including many CF related things. And in the end, Felix got included as looking incredibly disturbed by what was going on. Beautiful!

In an upcoming scene of his comic, Sleepz is planning on "stealing" various CF characters and giving them the Mayan treatment. He's "stolen" Jeff in the past, and this time... He's picked olivia, who will have her own harem. BWAHAHAHA! OH fuck man. She looks gorgeous!! :'D


Non drawings, things that don't fit anywhere else!

The very lovely Lilbuebox, who does all sorts of amazing music, musiced up an amazing theme for WA! This totally shocked me! I never expected someoe to make...Music for WA! Really friggin' amazing music at that! Oh my gosh. It's SUCH a beautiful, lovely melody. I could listen to it on a loop for hours. When I listen, I especially think of the red plague doctor (whoever that is!), and certain...scenes coming up. Oh my gosh. I'll have to bust out with this when said scenes happen.;D

Listen to it here!:D


Keltyzoid is at it again, this time they did a voice reading thingy of a wA page! Beautiful! They did a really great job too,  Eva's voice is just so perfect, and Benny boys voice is just...hah!!! Amazing. These pages happen to be my favorite Eva moment so far too! Love this!

Listen to it here!:D


Lilbluebox is also at it again - this time with a FANFIC!  Woah, she's bringing out all kinds of non drawn fan stuff! And this fan fic is completely and utterly adorable oh my gosh! It's an alternate universe sort of story where Anne is a marine biologist, and Benny boy is a diner boy, and, well-  I won't spoil it, just read and know it is the cutest thing!

'The octopi are her favorites.

She works at the local aquarium, ostensibly as a marine biologist and leading expert on all things octopi, but in reality she feeds fish, checks salt levels, and plays veterinarian to her special tentacled friends when they're feeling peaky. It's not hard work, but she loves it. She feels as if she learns something new about her sea critters every day, and not even losing not one, but four pairs of glasses to various fish tanks has dimmed her enthusiasm.

But Anne particularly loves the guided tours. Sure, she has a masters in marine biology with a specialization in gastropods, and yes, maybe she's considering adding on even more debt so she can go back for a PhD, but teaching this stuff is so much more fun than she ever thought it would be. Especially to the kids. School field trips are her favorites, and whenever Anne's mouth stretches into a smile because of a middle school kid's question, she wonders why she didn't become a teacher.

“Yeah, why didn't you become a teacher?” Eva asks her one night, and Anne just shrugs.

“Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to be a marine biologist?”

'Since you were like four, I get it. You're still damn good at teaching though,” Eva tells her, and tosses back the last of her beer. “Besides, you actually like kids.”

Anne grins at that. “They ask the best questions. And they haven't lost their wonder, have you noticed?”

“I try not to notice kids,” Eva says dryly. “They give me a headache.”

“But good headaches, right?”

“You're so weird.”


“Hey.” Anne looks up from her papers to see a waiter with a steaming pitcher in his hands. He nods towards her empty coffee cup. “Refill?”

“Please.” She pushes it over and he tips the pitcher. A stream of coffee pours into her cup, steam spiraling off the top of the drink in delicious spirals. “Why is your hair green?” she asks suddenly, frowning at the unusual color. It's not tidy hair either – it looks like Diner Boy's just rolled out of bed and come to work today.

Diner Boy shrugs. “Felt like it. You good on your coffee?”

“Yeah -”

Before she can locate his name tag, Diner Boy shuffles off to another table. “Need a refill?” she hears him ask another customer.

By the time Anne turns her attention back to her paperwork and her coffee, it's gone cold.


She'd gone to the diner in a flash of 'oh god it's six am and I have to be at work in an hour and my coffee maker is broken and Starbucks is disgusting' initially, but she finds herself coming back after that. It's just until she gets a new coffee maker, obviously. And Wastelanders Anonymous is close to the aquarium and the coffee's not hideously overpriced or disgusting so she doesn't mind spending seventy nine cents each morning in a diner with ugly red-and-white linoleum and hard plastic chairs.

Since she's there so early in the morning, Anne gets the same waiter every time. Diner Boy's name is Benny, she learns on her fourth visit; his nametag is either missing or twisted around each time she sees him so she finally resorts to asking just so that she has a name to call him in her head other than Diner Boy. Certainly not for any other reason.


Benny, as it turns out, has never been to the aquarium. She learns this after she becomes a regular (“And what's your definition of regular?” she asks him, grinning, because it's been two weeks and they've started talking a little here and there. Just being friendly, she tells herself. But the point is they talk sometimes and he's a little bit of an odd duck and who knows, maybe regular means something different here because she's only been coming here two weeks and how is that regular anything?

Benny gives her a deadpan look. “Three cups of coffee, first one black and strong enough to kill a camel, second creamed and sugared, third decaf, probably to keep you from having a caffeinated heart attack,” he rattles off. She whistles, impressed. “Face it, Anne. You're definitely a regular.”)

“You have to come,” she says, pulling her cup away before he can tip coffee in it and scurry out of the conversation. “Promise me you'll show up to the next tour.”

“Uh – I don't really -”

“Benny! Promise!”

“All right, all right,” he mutters, and she relinquishes her grip on the cup so he can give her her coffee. “I'll be there.”

“You have the money for it, right?”

“I'll be there, geez!”


She sees a head of green hair the next tour she gives and her smile's bigger than she remembers it being. He doesn't ask any questions, but she sees his interest in the octopi and her smile grows just a little bit wider.


“So how's training the new recruit?”

“The kid needs a leash, I swear.”

“Really? He seems sweet to me.”

“He's half blind, hyperactive, he never shuts up -”

“Sounds like best friend material to me.”

“He's huggy.

“You should invite him over to the aquarium someday.”



Anne meets Jeff properly outside the diner three days later. He's completely blind in his right eye and there's a nasty scar on his left cheek, but he's easily the friendliest guy she's ever met in her life. It's easily to overlook the scarring – an accident, he says, and refuses to say more about it – in favor of talking about animal rights and summer jobs to pay for college so he can go to vet school and he's a puppy, he really is.

She gives him a hug because Benny's right, he's huggy, and if Benny scuffs his shoes on the ground with a scrunchy look on his face, she pretends very carefully not to notice.




“...You have... keys, right?”


“The fish place?”



"Ugh, yes, I have keys. Why?"

“Wanna... I dunno... sneak in?”

“I'd love to.”


They walk down the halls after closing time, lights dimmed everywhere but in the tanks themselves. Light splashes across his face, hollowing weird places under his cheekbones and making him look ghoulish with his green hair, but she doesn't mind. They walk next to each other, him slouching, their knuckles brushing against each other every other step or so.

She's glad the light's not good enough so he can see her blush. Not that he's looking. Diner Boy's eyes are pretty much everywhere but her face.

She'd be disappointed, but she's not really looking at him either, so she's not allowed to be disappointed.

They stop in front of the octopus tank and he slumps onto the bench. She doesn't, not until a calloused and dry hand slips against her palm and tentatively tugs her back. Face on fire, she stumbles back until her legs nudge the bench and she obediently sits down. She expects Benny to let go.

He doesn't.

He doesn't tighten his grip or run his thumb over her knuckles or anything either, but his hand is large and warm and his skin is starting to get that crocodile texture that means he desperately needs hand cream and it's the nicest thing she's ever felt in her life.

“So, uh,” he says, and clears his throat. “Octopuses, huh?”

“Octopi,” she corrects. “What are you, five?”

“...Right.” And she hears the smile when he says, “They're your favorites, aren't they?”


Silence falls. It's more comfortable than she expects, and Anne relaxes into the bench, not quite daring to lean against Benny. “So,” she starts after a while of staring into a tank that's doing a very good impression of being empty. “This is... what, exactly?”

“Uh.” She hears Benny swallow. “Um. I. I dunno. Did you want it to be something?”

Her heart jumps into her throat. Something? With Diner Boy? A guy who refused to go to college and is making his living pouring coffee at a cheap diner? Something with him, and her, a highly educated scientist? Something with the guy who always has something startlingly brilliant to say, some weird insight into her psyche or the human mind that makes her wonder out loud why the hell he isn't a psychologist?

Yes. She absolutely wants it to be something.

But she can't seem to get her voice to work – probably because her heart's strangling her vocal cords – so she just nods instead.

“Yeah,” Benny mutters, and then exhales. “Okay. Something. It can – it can be something. If you want.”

“Something -” Anne swallows, because her voice isn't working quite right. And her chest is all fluttery, and that's probably the sign of a heart attack. All that caffeine she's been drinking. “Something would be – nice. Really nice.”


Another crocodile-skin hand touches her cheek, and Anne turns her head before Benny can do it for her. She stares at him for a few seconds, heart in her mouth, hoping that she knows exactly what's going to happen next (because if he doesn't do what she thinks he's going to do she's going to strangle him, she swears she will) and then Benny gets a little closer and he blinks twice and hair falls in his eyes and -

And -

And then he's kissing her, and it's soft and sweet and tentative and oh god he tastes just like diner coffee and chapped lips and it's clumsy and slow and perfect -

“Is that your definition of something?” she breathes when they draw apart – because this isn't the kind of kiss that breaks, just parts, and they're still millimeters away from each other and she really, really wants another kiss because if one kiss sent her to heaven, what would two kisses do?

And Benny smiles and when he answers, she feels his breath on her lips. “Could be.”

“Wanna do something again?”

“Sure the octopuses won't mind?”

“It's octopi -” and then he's kissing her again and Anne decides she can educate him more on the subject later.

Right now, she's got a diner boy to kiss.'


Keltyzoid is at it again- This time they voiced the sad locket scene! The scene, that is, where Jeff gets his locket back. Oh gosh. This reading is great! IT'S SO PERFECTLY SAD DAMN. The music! That fade! Oh my goodness. I adore this! I have such feels for Jeff here even though he's my own creation!


Hykez87 did something VERY different; he created an action figure of Felix!! I'm still amazed. Somewhere in the world, there exists an actual, physical WA item, and an action figure! And it's Felix and it's amazing and oh gosh. I can't decide what I like more. The actual cloth outfit, or the hat. Oh my gosh, the hat. The clothing is so perfect, too. I love the face. The scythes! Yes! Oh man!

See his 'review' and more photos here!


Keltyzoid is back, this time with...Fan fiction! For the 'write fan fiction' thread, Kelty wrote up this hilarious piece! Oh my god. Amazing 50/10, this is the new canon:
"It was a good day when Ben found a Panic! At the Disco album among the refuse and debris of the destroyed wasteland that stretched eternally across the dull, hazy horizon. Finally, he had found a relic, an artifact, that truly spoke to his fractured, tormented soul in a way that brought even more tears to his eternally indifferent eyes. Yes, this was an incredible find. Ben found himself humming "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" when he wasn't even thinking about brooding. Never had a digitized cacaphony of wailing instruments and girly man-whinings touched his black, withered heart as this particular band did.

Ben shut himself in his room to listen to his treasured CD and think about the friendzone when there was a loud, rhythmic knock on the door.

"If you're not Anne topless or Death himself then I don't care." Ben moaned monotonously, perturbed that some normie was disturbing his Special Ben Cry Time. The door burst open and Felix ollie'd into the room on a long board, smoking the biggest joint in human history.

"This music is hella gay bruh listen to this shit." Said Felix, who was incredibly muscular and glistening with the sheen of a million liquified Swag Diamonds©. He punched the dilapidated CD player and removed the awful CD and punched it into a fine powder and the snorted it. He then put in his mix tape and pressed play. Ben screamed in protest, but it was too late. He was on fire. Felix was on fire. The room was on fire.

The world was on fire. Everyone died. The earth became a brown dwarf and the moon melted.

And that's the story of how Felix caused the second apocalypse with his sick rhymes. He went to OG heaven with Tupac and Ben went to Gay Baby Hell. Jeff ascended to a new plain of existence and gained omnipotence. Eva and Anne spent their last moments alive furiously making out on Ben's disappearing Houdini back pack. The End."
Hykez87 created an amazing flash comic! Ohh gosh. Oh gosh. It's a little 'guest strip' flash, and portrays a rather dark and tragic future for WA. I love this! I won't comment much because, I don't want to spoil it, hah. But I swear my heart skipped a bit when I saw Jeff. Oh my god. JEFF! NO! I felt so bad for him, but at the same time I was hella impressed, because Jeff was captured SO well, I mean, that's -exactly- how he would act. Everyone else was of course awesome, I loved the badass designs for them, the ending was just...Wow! (And that little 'epilogue' with me and Hykez...Oh my god I laughed so hard)
Another story by littlebluebox! :)
These are TOO damn cute. I was really sad when I woke up this morning, but this really picked my mood right up! She really has a knack for capturing the spirit of my characters, and the stuff she adds for them...Like Felix doing arts and crafts with junk here, while he doesn't do that in the comic, it really feels like something he would do. Does that make sense? She is so talented~ :D
The old photographs say the sky used to be blue, the clouds white. Now, of course, things are different, and not, Benny thinks sourly as he scowls up at a magenta-green haze. He’ll never tell, of course, but the days when the sky clears to show the brightest blue, the sharpest, clearest blue he’s ever seen in his life - those are the days he yearns for. One day of clear skies in a month of toxic gases and he considers himself a lucky guy.
(He also wishes he had a working camera so he could take a snapshot of it, but he doesn’t, and he feels stupid for thinking it, so he never mentions it to anyone. He’s pretty sure Anne knows though. Like, seventy five percent sure.)
Some of his hobbies would invite laughter, so he doesn’t tell his friends. They don’t need to know he likes to sing himself to sleep, or that he likes to string together bits of shiny trash to make dangling decorations for his home. And they especially don’t need to know his unabashed love of windchimes. He’s making his own, but rusty pipe isn’t the same as bell-toned steel and trust me, he knows it.

(Of course they catch him at it later. And of course Eva cackles for five minutes straight. But it’s okay, really, because Jeff gives him a hug and Benny shrugs and tells him they’re all weird as crap anyway, so who cares? Besides, Benny shows up with some nice pipe bits after his next raid and Eva plops a tiny bell in his hat. His friends are awesome. Just saying.)"


Yet more LilBlueBox writing! This time, she took a bunch of prompts (50 of them!!) and wrote short little awesome things!:D

Some hilarious, some feels, some just... Oh man. I adore these so much!


"1. twilight

Anne got three chapters into the old book before she chucked it in the fireplace where it clearly belonged.
2. burn
Fury simmered in the bit of her belly; Eva drove the knife through the murderer, sick satisfaction at his screams igniting the hot blood that dripped down her fingers.
3. silence
He wasn't much one for noise, but the silence of the underground sewer pressed down on him, and Benny swore to himself that as soon as he dislodged this weird corded doohicky he was out of there.
4. secrets
For something that wasn't a secret, Benny and Anne's obvious infatuation with each other certainly was a forbidden topic, Felix thought wryly.
5. blankets
“Stop hogging the blankets,” Anne muttered irritably, yanking the covers away and sending her boyfriend tumbling to the floor with a magnificent thwomp.
6. linger
“The sooner we get out of here, the better,” Felix says quietly, and Benny can't help but agree.
7. clouds
“One of these days I'll see a nice, normal colored cloud,” Anne declares, pointing at a picture of something white and fluffy, “and it'll be a miracle.”
8. liar
Eva won't ever tell them what happened; she refuses to be cast out now that she's finally got friends, and even if they're willing to be friends with a liar, they definitely won't with a killer.
9. remember
Sometimes Benny thinks he should get birthdays and anniversaries tattooed into his arms, because god knows he's never going to remember any important dates otherwise.
10. glitter
The old tube explodes into a shower of glitter when he pops the top; Eva stares for exactly two point three seconds before she breaks into laughter so hard she makes no noise.
11. hand
“Hand in tentacle,” Eva says, staring at the couple for a second before she mock gags, “walking off into the sunset – I could make a living off of their romantic goop if I wanted, you know.”
12. distance
An old music player introduces them to pre-apocalypse music, and Jeff sings (badly, and off-key) about going the distance for so long Benny starts to think uncharitably about burlap bags and acid lakes.
13. february
“Look, according to the calendar, it's February -”
“Who cares?” Eva interrupts her friend, “Cold is cold!”
14. fill
Anne's cookies are the best food on the entire planet and Benny'll fight anyone who says otherwise after he's done digesting.
15. hold
Felix wraps Jeff up in a hug; then, when his tears die down into sniffles, he plops his hat onto Jeff's head and tells him to hang onto it for him until he gets back before he tugs the mask on properly over his face, disentangles himself from Jeff's death grip, and leaves.
16. fire
His greatest find is still the stuffed octopus, second only to the actual working lighter he stepped on twice before finally noticing the plastic thing.
17. tomorrow
There's not much point in staying up for the new year, but Benny does so anyway, complete with a sip of gag-worthy booze and a great deal of coughing.
18. closer
“Come on,” Jeff wheedles, crackers in his hand, “they taste good, I promise.”
19. heed
His life would be so much easier if they actually listened to him when he asked them to do things – but then again, if they did, they wouldn't be his friends, and Benny kinda likes having friends that are totally willing to kick him in the face if he deserves it hanging around.
20. alphabet
“I can so read,” Jeff protests under Eva's cackles and her request for him to “sing the alphabet so I know for sure, Jeffy-boy.”
21. underneath
“Looking 'underneath the underneath' – what a load of rubbish,” Eva snorts and tosses the leaflet aside.
22. hide
“I totally understand how you feel,” Jeff whispers to the animal so far underneath his bed all he can see is the flash of its eyes, its terrified growl high pitched and shaky.
23. flash
“Oh, god, my eyes,” Benny moans and Jeff jerks the flashlight away with a fervent apology.
24. anger
“Damn it, this is not my fault!” Benny snaps, resolutely ignoring the way Felix's brows draw together in heavy disappointment.
25. shame
He loves Anne, but sometimes she makes him feel about five years old, caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
26. adoration
Jeff's face lights up in a joy normally reserved for animal species of all shape, size, and varieties of cuddliness as he hugs the plush toy tightly.
27. waves
Jeff waves so hard at the retreating Felix that Benny's half afraid his arm will fall off – not that he has any room to talk, since he's pretty sure his tear ducts stopped working about five minutes ago.
28. apologize
“Look – Anne, I -”
“Yeah, I know.”
29. waiting
“She won't wait forever,” Eva tells Benny bluntly.
30. nostalgia
A quip about Felix's nostalgic tendencies leads to Eva enacting a very dramatized mourning scene over half a grapefruit smoothie and Felix covering his head with his hands, cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.
31. watch
“Eva,” Felix says after a moment, “I really don't think they'll appreciate -”
“Pipe down, Hatguy, I think they're gonna smooch!”
32. regret
There's a lot of things Eva regrets, but none more so than giving up on that cheese sandwich before they left on this stupid scavenging hunt.
33. plain
“Well,” Benny says after staring out over the flat desert for five minutes, “if there's nothing out here, I'm going back.”
34. shy
Benny nearly chokes on his drink at the assertion; “Yeah, no,” he says as soon as he can breathe again, “Eva's anything but shy.”
35. moonlight
The moonlight reflects through the haze of misty chemicals, putting a very nice 'moonbow' in the street that puts a grin on Felix's face and tickles his artistic sensibilities.
36. melt
“Okay, note to self, don't leave plastic outside in the middle of a solar spike,” and Anne stares mournfully at her melted fake flowers.
37. half
Jeff snaps the bread in half and tries to crumble up the second half to give the birds something to snack on.
38. leave
They don't argue often – not like this, where the anger is so palpable that neither can bear to be in the same room with each other – and it isn't until after he storms off and several hours have passed and her temper has had a chance to cool and sense has reasserted itself that Anne fears that she might truly never see Benny again.
39. neutral
“Oh, no,” and Felix held his hands up in the universal signal for surrender, “I am not getting involved in this.”
40. buttercups
“Are those buttercups?” Anne asked; Felix shrugged and set the colored pencils down, giving his sketch one final look before he carefully tugged it out of the sketchbook and offered the picture to his friend.
41. winter
“Acid rain sucks enough,” Benny grumbled, hunching further under his makeshift umbrella, “but acid snow is just cruel.”
42. flowers
“I think it's supposed to be a sunflower,” Anne decided, mouth twisted in an uncertain frown at the giant sickly blue-green monstrosity that had sprung up in her garden overnight.
43. gentle
“Pretty sure you were a duckling in a previous life,” Eva told Jeff as the boy hesitated with the bandage, not wanting to hurt her more than she already was.
44. speak
Felix didn't talk very much; it wasn't that he didn't like conversations, it was just that he learned so much more about people when he was quite – and besides, inserting himself into other people's conversations was always much harder than it looked.
45. last
Benny couldn't tell what the animal was – some sort of mutated kitten with a scorpion tail, maybe? - but Jeff had the thing cuddled up against his chest with the biggest set of puppy eyes he'd ever seen, begging Benny to let him keep it - “It's all alone; I think it's an orphan,” Jeff pleaded and Benny let out a groan of defeat.
46. dew
Any day that didn't start with morning dew trying to dissolve his shoes was a good day, so far as Benny was concerned.
47. night
It's not night; the smoke just makes it look like it is, and Benny's heart simultaneously constricts and sinks even as his feet pound into a run – the town is burning.
48. footsteps
“It's just me,” Benny's voice said tiredly as Anne sat straight up in bed, hand wrapped around a lead pipe at the heavy sound of footsteps in her house.
49. end
The apocalypse hasn't driven away the doomsayers, and Eva resists the urge to take the nearest one by the throat and shake sense into him – the end isn't coming, it's been and gone and left a lovely little toxic postcard to commemorate its passing.
50. caution

One wrong step means death by chemical disintegration – Benny takes one look at the acid lake, grabs Jeff by the back of his shirt, and hauls his friend off before he gets the bright idea to go swimming for mutant guppies."


Kelty is at it again, this time, with animation! View it here! Kelty has been playing around with animation, lately- And they did a short WA one! And... not only is the animation really damn good, but holy shit, it is hilarious. From the expresssions (omg, the narrowing eyes and sticking his tongue out) but the "hey Ben"... That last one where Felix is just like "BEN" really cracks me the fuck up. I don't know what it is, but I laughed hard for a very long time after. Amazing. I still laugh.
The amazing wordsmith littlebluebox is at it again! This time, it's Benny boy meeting... Her own character, Rosie, inserted in the WA universe! Oh, I love it. I got the biggest kick out of it, and... Ah, read it, I don't want to give it all away~
I gotta say though- Benny boy gets out classed and out badassed, and it's great.

The creature shrieks in either agony or annoyance and turns one of its many heads towards him, jaws gaping in a vicious hiss.
He fires the gun at least four more times, misses twice, and most definitely attracts the monster’s attention. It lifts one massive paw off the chest of its prey, intent on exacting revenge. Crap, Benny thinks, and blanches as his finger clicks uselessly on the trigger. I really didn’t think this one through.
But the woman has.
Benny barely has time to decide that running away would probably be a really good thing right now, if only he could get his legs to move, when the ex-victim leaps to their feet, straddles the beast, and starts doing something to the base of their neck. He doesn’t know what; his legs have finally sprinted into action, and he only cranes his neck to take a quick peek when the monster howls in rage and pain. He doesn’t get much before a convenient boulder looms ahead and he flings himself behind it to the symphony of animal shrieks behind him.
Five - or maybe three, it’s hard to say over the heart palpitations - minutes later, the noises have stopped. Benny pokes out from behind the rock, hoping not to see monster chow time, but not expecting anything less, the quease in his stomach twisting at the thought.
What he sees is a total role reversal.
Curious and more than a little awed, Benny scooches closer, hands in his pockets, as the red-head slams a knife into the last limp head of the monster. “How did you do that?” he breathes, watching from a relatively safe distance as she yanks the knife from the fist-sized eyeball. She glances over at him, then cleans off her knife on her jeans.
“Sliced through its spinal cord,” she replies briefly, with a jerk of her head towards the affected area. Benny stares at the bloody gash on its back, swallows back bile at the invertebra he sees, and returns his attention to the leather-jacketed fighter as she slips the knife into her boot. “They’ve got thin skin and spines close to the surface,” she adds when she sees his googley eyes. “Particularly in the juncture between necks and body.”
“Why stab them through the eye?”
Benny nods slowly. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense to make darn sure the thing will never get up again, but it seems almost...cruel, somehow.
Oh, crap. Jeff’s rubbing off on him.
Instead of dwelling on it, he drags his attention back to the situation at hand. The woman is eyeing him - not curiously, nor with Interest, but with a calculating, narrow-eyed stare that sends an actual shiver up his spine. “Scavenger,” she says. It’s not a question, but he nods anyway.
“Uh, yeah.”
He still doesn’t know where she gets it from, but in the seconds he’s not paying attention to her hands, she’s retrieved a knife and is holding it out to him by the sheath. Benny tries to smile, but he’s not at all sure it works. “No, thanks, I’m good,” he tries to decline, but the woman glares into his soul and he finds himself thinking that it would really probably be a good idea to just take the stupid thing since she’s obviously not going to attack him with it and he should just count his blessings and run while he still can.
“You need something more than that gun,” she says, and Benny blinks back into the conversation. “Guns run on bullets. These don’t.”
“I don’t know how to use one.”
“Practice,” is her response. Hesitantly, he accepts the knife, mostly because he’s afraid she’ll throw it at him if he doesn’t. To his surprise, something softens in her expression as he clenches his hands around the weapon. “It straps to your wrist,” she tells him, still all business, but the newfound relaxation around her face has somehow transferred to her voice. “Just make sure you don’t drop it and you’ll be fine.”
A smile flits across her face so briefly he wonders if he hallucinated it. Totally a possibility, after all. The dead monster probably has hallucinogens in its blood or something. “Thanks for being a distraction.”

 He never meets the redheaded monster hunter again. He does, however, learn how to use the knife.


Another not so typical fanart- It's MUSIC! Check it out here- (bottom right corner!)
Gunwallace of Drunkduck actually made this amazing piece as a theme for WA- Oh gosh! This was one of the best surprises!:D It was apparently featured in one of the Quack Casts on Drunkduck a few days ago- I didn't know until last night, gosh! I really missed out, haha. I need to check over there more often... But seriously, take a listen, it's amazing! It's all classic rock style and it's gorgeous!