Extra Images!

Silly little extra WA related arts! Usually stuff from silly art challenges and the like. Mostly quick quick doodles or nonsense.


April fools day for 2016 once again fell on an update day! But given the state of the comic at the time (depressing flashback), I thought it... inappropriate to mess with the page itself like I initially wanted to.

So, instead, I turned my website into geocities!


For April Fools this year (2015), it fell on an update day. I thought of messing with the comic, like a pallete, swap, but I didn't really have the time. Instead, I messed with the layout, creating a pink abomination with an oddly addictive pink sparkly cursor trail:

(Click for full size!)



And the finally retired banner of WA! The second banner used for CF, in fact. RIP!


The finally retired, ancient original avatar of WA!

I did this avatar after finishing the first few pages, and before actually making the comic site. It has served me well. Despite it's age I still like it somewhat, but it's just not a good representation of what the comic currently looks like.

RIP Jan 15 2014-Feb 26 2015



A textless version of the splash at the bottom of this page!


A little image of Jeff I did for Joint Operation back in October! Pretty much non canon since Christmas in WA sadly doesn't exist anymore. (The writing is supposed to be messy, it's supposed to his own writing, see ;D)

Boy it's bad, it's age already shows...!



From the "Draw your characters doing stuff" thread, the situation was "Draw your character as if their role was switched with another character's!"

And so I did some quickies; First Benny boy and Felix if they were the zombies!

And then of course, Jeff and Benny boy as plague doctors!


Panel four panel evolution from page 150!

A couple "panel evolution" gifs from page 149!


From the "Draw your characters doing stuff!" thread, the scenerio was to draw what the child of your characters might look like. Of course I had to do one for Benjamin and Anne:

I've put a lot of thought into what the children of the cast might look like! Is it canon? Time shall tell, time shall tell.



Being unhappy with page 134, I re-did it below!:

Experts agree, this is way better.


From the "Draw your characters as magical girls!" thread, of course I just couldn't resist! I'm not used to drawing such girly things so it was interesting. I did a quickie of Anne, Eva, and Benny boy!

I rather like the way Benny boys outfit turned out especially colorwise, I'll have to re-use it for an actual girl in something else...


From the "How would your Character react?" thread, the question was "If your characters were born the opposite gender what would they look like? Would this affect the way they behave?"

And so I genderbendered the main cast! Jeff looks pretty much the same, Felix looks creepy as all hell, Benny boy just looks like he grew his hair out...

But Eva and Anne turned out rather handsome!

A little image I drew up for the TV tropes WA page made by the lovely Bejjinks of What Terry Sees!

This here is the classic banner I used since just about the comics start!

And the old Smackjeeves banner:

Although I already did an ice bucket challenge, Felix ended up getting challenged! This is the result.

From the Shipping no restrictions thread  (If given access to any character, person, entity anywhere ever, who would you ship your characters with if given the chance?)

 I don't actively think about shipping at all really, let alone my own characters. 
But I can totally see Eva creeping all over Walker from Comatose because she's a weirdo that way.

Lil Jeff as a kid:

From the Chibi thread  in the forums, I chibi and animeified the cast of WA;

From the "How does your character react?" thread, the situation was; "Your character has been asked to draw a picture of whatever first comes to mind. What do they draw?"

Jeff draws a cute mutant kitty, Benjamin tries (and fails) to draw Anne, and looks at Felix with embarrassed jealousy, who drew some pretty scenery.



Some ~olllld~ scans of Jeff from some old page I don't even remember which: